This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Download Manager and Payment Form WordPress Plugin – WP SmartPay


The Simplest way to sell digital downloads and accept payments to run your business online. Often, you don’t need a sophisticated store, cart, or checkout process to sell your digital product or take payment. You need a simple payment form to do it all. Do it smartly with WP SmartPay.

Sell your product or set up payment forms with Stripe, PayPal, and Paddle. You can accept donations, crowdfunding, take service payments, and manage downloads with ease.

🪁 Sell Digital Products Effortlessly

Whether it is ebooks, documents, graphics, songs, videos, photos, or any other media file type, sell it effortlessly with WP SmartPay.

WP SmartPay provides a simple workflow to upload a product, create variations, and attach the files to it. In just a few steps, your shop can be up and running in no time.

Forget complexity and give your audience a world-class checkout and consumption experience.

⛳ Payment Forms Made Simple

Set up a payment form and start accepting payments with Stripe, PayPal, and Paddle on your WordPress site in no time.

Accept pre-defined payment or give your audience the flexibility to put in the amount they want.

💁🏻 Who Is WP SmartPay For?

  • Coaches and consultants selling one-time and recurring services
  • Agencies and freelancers accepting one-time and recurring payment for services
  • Coaches and website selling eBooks and services
  • Sites selling just a few products
  • Charities and NGO accepting credit card or PayPal payments for one-time and recurring donations
  • Sites selling tickets for events
  • Startups accepting Stripe and PayPal payments before building out a custom billing system
  • Fitness and yoga studios selling one-time, monthly and annual memberships
  • Law consultant accepting one-time and recurring payment for service

🙌 WP SmartPay Features

  • Create unlimited product and multiple variations
  • Drag and Drop File uploader
  • Sale product at a discounted rate
  • Customer management
  • Complete order management
  • Customize payment success & failure pages
  • Details Reporting
  • PayPal standard
  • Toggle between test & live modes
  • Create unlimited payment forms
  • Pre-defined payment form
  • Custom amounts – let customers enter an amount to pay
  • On-site checkout (no redirect) with custom forms
  • Embedded & overlay form display options
  • GDPR Friendly: Make your store GDPR compatible with just a few clicks.

🔥 WP SmartPay Pro Features

If you need more functionality, you can upgrade to WP SmartPay Pro for these additional features:

  • Subscription and recurring product sell
  • Subscription installment plans for forms
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Paddle payment gateway
  • Send subscribers payment renewal reminders.

By upgrading to WP SmartPay Pro, you also get access to one-on-one help from our knowledgeable support team and our extensive documentation site.

Upgrade to WP SmartPay Pro Now

🧩 Payment Gateway Integrations

  • PayPal – The most used and widely available international payment gateway. WP SmartPay’s core version comes with PayPal standard support.
  • Stripe – is the best payment processor that supports many languages, countries, and currencies. Check support for your country.
  • Paddle – accept PayPal, Credit/Debit card payment without the tax hassle. If your country doesn’t support PayPal or Stripe, then Paddle is your best rescue.
  • Razorpay – The most popular and only full-stack payment solution of India. Integrate Razorpay with WP SmartPay and accept, and process payments easily.
  • Mollie – is one of the most used and popular payment gateways in Europe and supports various payment methods such as iDEAL, Apple Pay, GPay, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.
  • toyyibPay – is an online payment platform for businesses & individuals with the least expensive and free charge rates for certain deals.
  • Paytm – More popular Indian digital payments and financial services provider that allow to get the payments with various banks.
  • bKash – The most popular mobile payment gateway of Bangladesh. Integrate bKash easily with WP SmartPay.


WP SmartPay lets you set the locale (language) for your payment forms as well as the preferred currency and date formats for your site’s region.


WP SmartPay is backed by top-notch technical support from our globally distributed full-time support team. We also have an extensive documentation site available. If you’re looking for faster support via email, we encourage you to purchase a WP SmartPay Pro license.

Looking for something else?

If WP SmartPay doesn’t quite fit your needs, take a look at some of our other projects.
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Paddle for WordPress

WP SmartPay is the best Paddle integration for WordPress. Since it’s not an add-on, no other plugins are required.


  • Upload as many files needed for your product.
  • Configure product base price with unlimited variations and their own set of price and files.
  • Minimal product showcasing with less interaction for purchase
  • Create unlimited payment forms with multiple payment options.
  • Allow user to put custom amount on payment form
  • Settings panel gives you enough control over your plugin.
  • Seamless one click checkout


यह प्लगइन 2 ब्लॉक प्रदान करता है।

  • SmartPay Product
  • Download Manager and Payment Form WordPress Plugin – WP SmartPay


The easiest way to install WP SmartPay is to search for it via your site’s Dashboard.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  • Search For “SmartPay”.
  • Install it by clicking the “Install Now” link.
  • When installation finishes, click “Activate Plugin”.
  • A new menu item “SmartPay” should appear in your dashboard.


जुलाई 8, 2024
I would not recommend WPSmartPay. In short: Many advertised features DO NOT work or are bugged Support is terrible, generic and very slow Even highly skilled, experienced WordPress devs struggle to implement the plugin
अक्टूबर 10, 2021
Really it’s a good plugin for handling payment with WooCommerce through Paddle. I have been using the Pro Version of it’s for processing subscription payment for my plugin “Leo Product Recommendations for WooCommerce”
जून 27, 2021
Love this! Very well thought out and eliminates some headaches associated with the “woo” experience, and pairing this with paddle for woo makes this a lot better option than woo subscriptions in my opinion. Clean and sleek!
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सहायक &डेवलपर्स

यह खुला स्रोत सॉफ्टवेयर है। अनुगामी लोगो ने इस प्लगइन के लिए योगदान दिया है।


बदलाव विवरण


  • Add – Missing strings for translation.


  • Feat – Add a message to the receipt page if the webhook is delayed.
  • Fix – Debug log message for PayPal was not shown properly.
  • Fix – Form layout override by the template.


  • Fix – Form modal was not visible properly.


  • Fix – PayPal amount error for bigger amount.


  • Fix – Coupon is not reduced price for both From and Product.
  • Update – Node Package dependencies.


  • Fix – Form builder is not working with the WP version 6.1.


  • New – Add subscription info on the payment receipt page
  • Fix – Billing type was not updated for one time on the form page
  • Fix – Additional charge info was shown if no charges were added
  • Fix – Payment was not processed if the additional charge and billing cycle are empty


  • New – Additional charge for recurring payments
  • New – Billing cycle for recurring payments
  • Add – Additional charge info on product payment modal
  • Add – Filter to add addition payment info to payment data (for custom payment gateway)
  • Update – Update form plan layout design
  • Update – Update form payment gateway layout
  • Fix – Profile is not updated from the account dashboard
  • Fix – Checkout button is not disabled when the form is submitted
  • Fix – Recurring payment data is added when custom payment amount is selected
  • Fix – Currency icon is not shown in the product payment modal


  • Add – Paytm payment gateway support
  • Fix – Warning message while creating a user and customer
  • Fix – User role was not creating on the first payment


  • Fix – Mobile field does not appear when toyyibPay is a default payment gateway


  • Add – toyyibPay payment gateway support


  • Add – Add name property on new user creation
  • Add – Add product or form name on payment receipt page
  • Add – Add billing period text to translation
  • Update – Improve privacy issue for payment receipt age URL
  • Update – Improve customer dashboard page


  • Fix – Failed to create product


  • New – Pay Now/Get it Now button text change option on form
  • New – Pay Now/Get it Now button text change option on product
  • Add – External Resource link on payment success page
  • Update – Improved design for Product option tab
  • Update – Improved design for Form option tab
  • Fix – Dash/Hyphen(-) symbol when amount has no label


  • New – WP user creation option on settings
  • New – New user notification option on Email settings
  • Add – Custom payment gateway support
  • Fix – Text did not appear on translator
  • Fix – Billing period did not show on payment modal


  • New – License key privacy added
  • Fix – Fix conflict issue with WooCommerce installation


  • New – Added mollie payment gateway integration
  • New – Added register custom payment gateway hook to load third-party payment gateway
  • Fix – Product count issue on payment confirmation page


  • New – WordPress version 5.9 support
  • Add – Add warning notice for compatibility issue
  • Fix – Form broken issue when clicked on Form after upgrading to WP 5.9
  • Update – Update dependency packages
  • Update – Update build package


  • Add – Add option to purchase free products
  • Add – Add billing information text on payment modal
  • Fix – Fixed duplicate alert message on payment modal
  • Fix – Fixed coupon area on Payment modal


  • Add – Added Razorpay documentation link on the readme
  • Add – Product creation bug report message
  • Update – Update Razorpay logo on the integration page
  • Fix – File downloads on product purchase mail
  • Fix – Update documentation link for payment gateways


  • Add – Downloadable Product files list added on payment receipt page.
  • Add – WordPress user creation after payment
  • Add – Dashboard to payment receipt page link
  • Add – Download Link expiration notice added after link expires
  • Add – Review video on description and Getting Started page
  • Fix – Product alignment on customer dashboard
  • Fix – Download link’s expiration extended to 7 days on product purchase email


  • Add – Razorpay payment gateway section on Integrations.
  • Add – Php 8.0 support
  • Fix – Typo updated
  • Fix – Admin style improved


  • Fix – Product form blank issue after creating new product


  • Fix – Upgrade to pro sub menu is fixed
  • Fix – Fixed duplicate product on adding product and on updating product with variation


  • Fix – only one coupon can be used at a time.
  • Fix – Quick settings alignment fixed
  • Fix – Builder pop-up overlapping issue
  • Fix – Duplicate products on products list page.


  • new – Coupon
  • new – Payment form hook
  • new – Welcome on-boarding
  • new – Mailer Lite integration
  • Fix – Form builder bug, PHP Notice, Admin style, Over-lapp
  • Update – Integration quick settings
  • Update – Configuration alert if missing


  • Fix – readme.txt stable tag


  • New – Mailerlite integration in dashboard
  • Fix – Custom amount default value issue


  • New – Added payment order table


  • New – Added customer dashboard tab link and content hook


  • New – Debug Log Settings
  • New – Preview option for both form and product
  • New – Customer Details Page
  • New – Monthly Report Page
  • Update – Admin Product Page
  • Update – Admin Form Page


  • New – Add helper function for developer to manege payment
  • Update – Unsupported currency message for gateway
  • Update – Form payment response style


  • New – Rewrite app with ReactJS(SPA)
  • New – Form Builder powered by Guttenburg Editor
  • New – Name, Input, Email, Address, Checkbox, Number, Radio, Select, Textarea fields
  • New – Admin widget for recent payment history
  • New – Dashboard
  • Update – Form payment layout
  • Update – Admin UI
  • Update – Admin chart report


  • Added integrations support
  • Added more currency support
  • Selected PayPal as default payment gateway
  • Updated payment receipt email template
  • Updated customer dashboard
  • Updated payment modal design
  • Updated button text for product and form
  • Updated product and form modal margin
  • Fixed product description new line issue


  • Added Stripe payment gateway
  • Added gateway images to payment modal

  • Updated guttenburg blocks

  • Updated payment modal design
  • Updated product shortcode and added base price
  • Updated form and product page design


  • Added PayPal Standard payment gateway
  • Added Gutenberg block editor for product and forms
  • Added page template for product and form
  • Added popup variation to product and form shortcode

  • Updated payment modal content and design

  • Updated payment receipt page


  • Added report page for admin
  • Added Customer dashboard
  • Added file download for customers
  • Added payment receipt mail notification
  • Added folder and file protection for product

  • Updated payment modal

  • Updated form options
  • Updated product variations


  • Updated payment popup content


  • Added Payment and Form cpt


  • Initial release