Plus WebP


Generate WebP

  • Generate WebP file when adding image file in Media Library.
  • Generate WebP from all the images by async/await.
  • Optionally, Can replace image files with WebP when adding new media, and delete the original image file. Also, when generating all images, the original image file ID will be overwritten as WebP and the original image file will be deleted. All URLs in the content are also replaced.


WP-CLI commands are available. If you have a large number of files, WP-CLI commands is more reliable.
* wp pluswebp_cli

How it works

Filter hooks

/** ==================================================
 * Filter for advanced change database.
 * If you want to replace other databases besides content.
    function( $before_url, $after_url ) {
        /* Your processing */
        return array( $before_url, $after_url );


  • Media Library
  • Generate
  • Settings


  1. Upload plus-webp directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

सामान्य प्रश्न



जुलाई 19, 2024
After updating to version 4.09, I had to turn off the plugin, as it began to change the sender name for all letters coming from my site to mail using the following template “[ Site name ] WebP generate for Plus WebP”. After deactivating the plugin, the problem was resolved. Your plugin is very good! I gave it 2 stars just to get your attention.
मई 24, 2024
This is great plugin to save my server space! Dear developer, I prefer to donate by paypal, usdt or stripe instead of inputting my credit card elsewhere.
मई 12, 2024
The plugin works, converts images to webp but also uses the apache PHP LoadFromFile that loads the images from file rather make http request, which means it will change the canonical of the images. Which means your articles and website will disappear from Google search, which will kill the traffic and the website finally. This happened to my website till I traced the solution down to this plugin. You’ll post and it just won’t show on Google search even though all is green on GSC because of this plugin. If you notice your website traffic is dying or your website doesn’t show on Google, try removing this plugin and check your keywords acquisition on ahrefs.
अक्टूबर 16, 2023
Works great! Just be careful with the “WebP replacement of images and contents” setting. Do you REALLY want to remove all your old JPG files?
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बदलाव विवरण

[4.10] 2024/07/19

  • Added – ‘plus_webp_advanced_change_db’ filter for Replacement of non-content databases.
  • Removed – Blogname for mail from name.

[4.09] 2024/07/18

  • Added – WP-CLI command for warning indication at console output.
  • Tweak – Webp bulk generation by React.
  • Added – Blogname for mail from name.

[4.08] 2024/07/15

  • Fix – Support for cases where media exists in the database and does not exist as a file.
  • Thanks – Marcus Karlos.

[4.07] 2024/06/20

  • Added – WP-CLI command for webp bulk generation.

[4.06] 2024/03/05

  • Fix – Changed file operations to WP_Filesystem.


Changed json_encode to wp_json_encode.


Supported WordPress 6.4.


Fixed link to plugin page.


Fixed about sending e-mail.


Added description.
Removed unnecessary codes.


Moved the location of the Admin page to the Media Library.
The admin screen has been converted to React.
Batch generation of webp by async/await is now supported.
Fixed a problem where title name comparison failed and generated duplicate files.
Metadata generation for WordPress 6.1-alpha to match WordPress 6.2.


Supported WordPress 6.1-alpha.


Added a hook for Organize Media Folder.


Fixed with processing when media does not exist.


Supported XAMPP.


Fixed problem of metadta.


Fixed problem of metadta.


Fixed content replacement issue.


Fixes various messages and branches in ajax.


Added ajax generation for webp.


Fixed an issue with saving options.
Added options for extension.


Fixed clear cron schedules issue.
Fixed problem of threshold big image.


Fixed the problem of title acquisition in bulk generation.


Fixed background processing.


Give details when email notification.
Added the management screen notification of the end of batch generation.


Added ability to choose which file types to convert and which not.


Supported transparent gif & png.
Fixed file name issue.


Fixed content URL replacement issue.


Fixed an image replacement issue.
Conformed to the WordPress coding standard.


Conformed to the WordPress coding standard.


Added html escape on the management screen.


Fixed an issue with image conversion.
Fixed an image replacement issue.
Added the setting of quality.


Fixed problem of PNG files.
Added uninstall script.


Initial release.