iControlWP – Multiple WordPress Site Manager


The iControlWP WordPress Security Manager is the only solution you need to manage all your WordPress websites.

You need more time and everyday WordPress management eats away at any spare time you create. iControlWP will give you back the time you need to focus on your business.

Our Mission: Give you more free time to focus on your core business

With iControlWP you need fewer WordPress plugins as many tasks you need to perform fall under its umbrella of features. For example:

  • No extra plugins to backups / restores
  • No extra plugins for uptime monitoring
  • No extra plugins to optimize your databases
  • No extra plugins to clean up old drafts, comments and post revisions
  • No extra plugins to manage WordPress automatic updates

With iControlWP you can:

  • Manage ALL WordPress websites from a single, centralized control panel.
  • One-click update WordPress Plugin (premium ones too!), Themes, and the WordPress Core.
  • Bulk update all plugins, themes and WordPress cores.
  • Very finely tune WordPress Automatic Updates for every plugin on every site.
  • Manage CloudFlare settings using our unique CloudFlare integration.
  • Insert Google Analytics Tracking code.
  • Clean up WordPress
    and Optimize WordPress databases
  • Manage WordPress Security setting across all your sites.
  • Install new WordPress websites automatically, anywhere you have cPanel web hosting
  • Automatically log into your WordPress sites without remembering your WordPress login details.
  • Collect useful visitor site statistics and view them directly from within your control panel.


  • At-a-Glance Summary tell you all your available updates split across plugin/theme names and site names with options to update all, or update individually.

  • See all your sites at a glance, which sites have upgrades available and where.

  • See a full summary of your site information, updates, WordPress Core version, Themes and much more.

  • Get a view of all your plugins and how each one is distributed across each site.

सामान्य प्रश्न

Is iControlWP Free?

No, but you can try it out using our unlimited-sites free trial.

You can sign up free here

Is iControlWP secure?

Yes! We take great care to ensure the integrity of the connection between iControlWP and your website.

All sensitive data is encrypted on our system so it is never human-readable by anyone.

See the next question for more in-depth explanation.

I want more to know more about iControlWP plugin security?

We take security seriously at iControlWP – prevention is far better than cure and we trust when you see what steps we
take to ensure the integrity of your website you’ll know we taking the biggest steps to secure your site.

  • Each new plugin install creates a unique secure code that you must supply correctly to add the site to your iControlWP account.
  • When iControlWP and your plugin are connected, iControlWP creates a unique PIN code, encrypts with an MD5 hash and stores in
    on your site. ONLY attempts to connect to your plugin that supply this correct PIN code will ever be able succeed.
  • We also take it a step FURTHER – each connection performs a unique hand-shake process (that you wont find in other similar products)
    between iControlWP and your WordPress websites to ensure that no-one else, anywhere, can spoof your WordPress site. The plugin will always
    check to ensure that the connection has originated from iControlWP.com. If not, the connection is disregarded completely and immediately.

Will the iControlWP plugin slow down my site?

Not a chance! We have the absolute SMALLEST plugin (compared to similar products of this type) around.

We install only the absolute necessary code, and when you need more, iControlWP’s unique “Action Pack” delivery
system sends just what your site needs.

How does iControlWP work?

With the plugin installed and the connection setup to your own iControlWP account, the iControlWP system
will periodically ask your WordPress website for some information. Currently we check:

  • WordPress Core update status
  • WordPress.org Plugins update status
  • WordPress.org Themes update status
  • Other server environment information that helps us to determine compatibility with the iControlWP system.
    This includes things like PHP version, HTTP server type and version. You can review all this captured
    information from within iControlWP and is useful as a handy reference.

We then take this information and display it to you on the iControlWP dashboard – then it’s over to you and what you want to do with it.

What is WorpDrive?

WorpDrive is a new, far more clever approach to WordPress backup and restore,
and is a premium product available from with the iControlWP control panel.

It doesn’t use FTP, Amazon S3, or any of the traditional painful approaches to website backup,
and you don’t need to buy/rent any other 3rd party storage service.

WorpDrive is an ALL-IN-ONE backup and restore system for your WordPress website and is a bargain at twice the price.

Is WorpDrive free?

No. WorpDrive is available for a small monthly fee.


जनवरी 17, 2020 1 जवाब
Sure, free for 15 days, but there is no free plans for individuals after the trial. This extention is made for companies, not individuals.
दिसम्बर 31, 2019
I love having all my clients’ websites in one place with all WP & security management settings accessible. This WordPress Site Management system is all around awesome, and their support is better than any I’ve experienced. If I have a problem or a question, they are quick and thorough in responding and seeing any issue resolved.
अगस्त 15, 2019
I still use a lot Shield and will go pro soon. I didn’t begin again to use iControlWP but I will probably in the future. Paul has done a great work with Shield. So I decided to go back to 5 stars here also being sure he is working with the same spirit with iControlWP. ===== old review ===== Unfortunately I have to change my review. I find the Shield & iControlWP pricing over complicated. The solutions themselves become more and more uneasy to use. The UI design could be improved with the “Don’t let me think” way. I hope to have the opportunity to come back to 5 stars in the future. ===== old review ===== I have used Shield and iControlWP during the last six months. These solutions are simple to use, easy to live with and very convenient when you have some or many customers websites to follow. There is a great support and you don’t feel like an anonymous when you exchange emails with Paul. So, happy to recommend Paul and his solutions! 🙂
फ़रवरी 18, 2019
Running a number of sites with associated staging sites, this management system just works. Keeps all the sites up to date with one logon and interface. Copes with sites with dodgy plugins that don’t play well – love the Shield Central profiles, makes sorting this so easy – and the support is quick and courteous, even when the problem is another plugin not doing what it should.
जून 5, 2018
After good a bit of research into Wordpress Security Software, I decided to check out take the 14-day free trial of iControlWP. I opted for the ‘Agency Pro’ package as it includes all the add ons and the daily backups. I am really impressed with this plugin and am only sorry that I didn’t start using it earlier. The installation was really very easy and the plugin has already helped us close a lot of vulnerabilities (many of which we weren’t aware of) and add additional layers of security to our client websites. In a very short space of time, we’ve managed to streamline our Wordpress maintenance and greatly simplify our workflow and increase our security.
मार्च 5, 2018
By far the BEST admin kit for administering multiple wordpress sites along with their security product called Shield. It’s a one-stop resource to cover all and administer ALL your wordpress sites from one incredible dashboard. I highly recommend to anyone. Also the customer support is excellent.
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बदलाव विवरण

4.4 Series

Released: July 2024

  • (.0) IMPROVED: Huge code cleanup and improvements.
  • (.0) IMPROVED: Compatibility with the latest version of Shield Security.

4.3 Series

Released: November 2023

  • (.0) IMPROVED: Compatibility with the latest version of Shield Security
  • (.0) IMPROVED: Code cleanup.

4.2 Series

Released: May 2023

  • (.9) FIXED: Applying Shield Security settings was breaking on the latest Shield update.
  • (.8) FIXED: Incorrectly deactivating WPMS Network Active plugins during upgrades.
  • (.7) FIXED: Ensure latest Shield compatibility.
  • (.6) FIXED: Prevent unnecessary entries into PHP log file.
  • (.5) FIXED: Fix for PHP 8.1 error in some environments.
  • (.4) FIXED: Various reliability improvements and fixes for Shield Central management.
  • (.2) FIXED: Bug: Theme upgrades on Flywheel break plugins in rare cases.
  • (.0) NEW: Provisional support for PHP 8 and deprecating support for PHP 5.x
  • (.0) FIXED: WordPress Core upgrades wouldn’t run for some non-English locales in some cases.

4.1 Series

Released: March 2021

  • (.2) FIXED: Fixes when upgrading premium plugins that have holes/bugs with the update data they provide.
  • (.0) IMPROVED: Auto-updates for plugins/themes fully integrates with WP 5.5.

4.0 Series

Released: May, 2020

  • (.6) IMPROVED: Fix some Shield Central code.
  • (.6) IMPROVED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5.
  • (.5) IMPROVED: Moved more Shield Central code to be optimised and contained within the iControlWP plugin.
  • (.5) FIX: Exception when disk isn’t writable.
  • (.5) FIX: Class not found exception in some cases.
  • (.0) IMPROVED: Lots of code enhancements and optimisations for sites running PHP 7.0
  • (.0) IMPROVED: Plugin update code improved and more reliable.

3.7 Series

Released: 12th November, 2019

  • (v.3) FIXED: Issue where plugin would deactivate itself during upgrade.
  • (v.1) IMPROVED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3.
  • (v.0) ADDED: Support for Google Tag Manager and Global Site Tags.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Large refactoring with a preference on autoloading using Composer.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Moved module configuration to JSON, away from YAML.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Plugin split into 2 halves: legacy code for PHP 5.x, newer code for PHP 7.x.

3.6 Series

Released: 8th January, 2019

  • (v.0) ADDED: Support for upgrading minor WP version.
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Code refactoring and improvements.

3.5 Series

Released: 29th August, 2017

  • (v.1) FIXED: Fix where unable to dismiss admin notice
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Better support for WordPress sites that can’t write to disk by default.

3.4 Series

Released: 1st July, 2017

  • (v.3) ADDED: Workaround for WP Super Cache bug
  • (v.2) FIXED: Bug with file inclusion.
  • (v.1) IMPROVED: Support for older versions of WordPress.
  • (v.1) IMPROVED: Better handling cases where web server can’t or wont encrypt response data.
  • (v.0) ADDED: Ability to automatically link site to iControlWP with a specially built plugin.

3.3 Series

Latest Release: 3.3.0

Released: 1st June, 2017

  • (v.0) ADDED: Ability to add custom page content for White Labelling.
  • (v.0) ADDED: Plugin support for Core Reinstall
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Further optimizations and performance improvements

3.2 Series

Released: 14th February, 2017

  • (v.3) IMPROVED: More thorough cleaning of rollback directory
  • (v.2) FIXED: Remove strict warning
  • (v.1) IMPROVED: Further optimizations and performance improvements
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Further optimizations and performance improvements
  • (v.0) FIXES: Some small code bug fixes

3.1 Series

Released: 6th January, 2017

  • (v.3) IMPROVED: Further optimizations and performance improvements
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Further optimizations and performance improvements
  • (v.0) IMPROVED: Easier linking of sites to the iControlWP dashboard without the need for Authentication Key.

3.0 Series

Released: 3rd January, 2017

  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Reducing login notifications for iCWP logins
  • (v.1) FIX: Bug with adding new sites to control panel
  • (v.0) UPDATED: Large improvements to code (more to come)
  • (v.0) UPDATED: More secured transfer of data during actions.
  • (v.0) UPDATED: Much faster execution of actions.

2.14 Series

Released: 16th December, 2016

  • (v.0) UPDATED: Improvements to updates detection particularly for premium plugins/themes.
  • (v.0) UPDATED: Various cleaning and code improvements.

2.13 Series

Released: 1st March, 2016

  • (v.0) ADDED: Support for Shield Pro.
  • (v.0) UPDATED: Various improvements and optimizations including database queries.

2.12 Series

Released: 9th March 2015

  • FIXED: (v.7) Supported method for disabling the WP-SpamShield filtering.
  • ADDED: (v.6) Full support for plugin white labelling.
  • ADDED: (v.6) Full support for plugin white labelling.
  • ADDED: (v.6) Added officially supported method for disabling the WP-SpamShield filtering.
  • ADDED: (v.5) support for WP-SpamShield to prevent it blocking requests.
  • FIX: (v.4) bug where the white listed IPs weren’t being updated correctly within security plugin white lists.
  • UPDATED: (v.3) Update service IP addresses.
  • FIX: (v.1) Fix small admin-side incompatibility with BuddyPress plugin.
  • ADDED: (v.0) Re-implemented automatic updates but with a 48hr confidence delay
  • ADDED: (v.0) Warning upon plugin deactivation

2.11 Series

Released: 4th February 2015

  • FIX: Fix disconnection for certain sites (v.6)
  • CHANGED: Better compatibility with the iThemes security plugin (v.5)
  • CHANGED: Sets a WordPress flag in order to better detect premium plugin updates (v.4)
  • ADDED: Significant Performance Improvement to plugin load times (v.3)
  • CHANGED: Small logic fix during action success/failure reporting (v.2)
  • ADDED: Improved support for ‘WP Maintenance Mode’ plugin (v.1)
  • CHANGED: iControlWP action parameters are more reliably transmitted to the plugin.
  • CHANGED: Performance improvements.

2.10 Series

Released: 21st January 2015

  • ADDED: Ability to automatically add a site to an iControlWP account.
  • ADDED: Support for ‘Ultimate Coming Soon Maintenance Mode’ plugin.
  • FIXED: PHP require() for relative paths is broken in certain environments.

2.9 Series

  • (v.5) ADDED: UI indicators for plugin automatic updates.
  • (v.5) ADDED: Further compatibility with maintenance mode plugins.
  • (v.5) CHANGED: Tweaks to the white labelling system.
  • (v.5) CHANGED: Refactored files for better organisation.
  • (v.4) ADDED: Option to clear all statistics.
  • (v.4) FIX: Small bug where statistics weren’t enabled when requested to do so.
  • (v.3) CHANGED: Added work-arounds for some maintenance mode plugins.
  • (v.3) CHANGED: Removed background plugin update.
  • (v.2) CHANGED: Significant plugin refactoring to improve performance, security, and reliability of the iControlWP service.

2.8 Series

  • (v.4) IMPROVED: Compatibility with Shield Security user sessions and the Login-As feature.
  • (v.3) FIX: Temporarily disable automatic whitelist for wordfence.
  • (v.2) IMPROVED: Quick-fix to get around fatal error with poor Jetpack coding.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set “DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT” from iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set “FORCE_SSL_ADMIN” from iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set CloudFlare Flexible SSL from within the iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set Hide WordPress Version (WP Generator Meta tag) from iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set Hide RSD Link from iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) ADDED: Option to set Hide Windows Live link from iControlWP App.
  • (v.1) UPDATED: White-listing IPs.

2.7 Series

  • (v.13) FIX: Error with automatic whitelisting in some cases.
  • (v.12) FIX: A few PHP notices, and update to WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • (v.11) CHANGE: To avoid PHP strict warnings.
  • (v.10) ENHANCED: Automatically adds to the Bad Behaviour IP white lists.
  • (v.9) CHANGE: Improved compatibility with hosts that restrict certain methods of file includes.
  • (v.8) FIX: WordPress 3.8.2 breaks automatic updates code. This update addresses that change.
  • (v.7) FIX: for cron error code and google analytics js code.
  • (v.5) FIX: auto-updates system is now integrated directly into plugin instead of using a separate plugin.
  • (v.4) CHANGE: tweak to white labelling and stats with more options
  • (v.3) FIX: for google analytics logic
  • (v.2) CHANGED: Improved white labelling and options for google analytics
  • (v.0) ADDED: Google Analytics Integration

2.6 Series

2.5 Series

  • (v.2) CHANGED: Now ready for white labelling
  • (v.1) CHANGED: Now uses WordPress wp_remote_get() by default to make its HTTP calls
  • (v.0) CHANGED: Changed the URL of the App

2.4 Series

  • (v.4) ADDED: Support for Elegant themes maintenance mode plugin
  • (v.4) ADDED: New Service WhiteList IPs
  • (v.4) CHANGED: Small fix to the remote site add feature
  • (v.2) ADDED: Verified works with WordPress 3.8 admin
  • (v.2) CHANGED: Improved IP white listing method with 3rd party plugins
  • (v.0) CHANGED: Now works around the WP Maintenance plugin so you can add and manage the site
  • (v.0) CHANGED: Support for the new automatic WordPress Background Updates features in iControlWP.

2.3 Series

  • (v.10) ADDED: New IP address to IP address pool for the service
  • (v.8) ADDED: Improved support for Maintenance Mode plugins while linking your site to iControlWP
  • (v.7) ADDED: Support for All In One WP Security plugin
  • (v.6) IMPROVED: W3 Total Cache compatibility
  • (v.5) FIX: WPMS notices
  • (v.4) ADDED: Full support for WP Engine
  • (v.3) FIX: Support for automatically adding whitelisted IP addresses for the Shield Security plugin
  • (v.2) ADDED: Support for WordPress Firewall 2 plugin by automatically whitelist iControlWP IPs
  • (v.2) ADDED: Support for the Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin

2.2 Series

  • (v.0) ADDED: Ability to add a site to an iControlWP account from within the WordPress site itself
  • (v.0) ADDED: Support for the underConstruction plugin to ensure we by-pass any redirection

2.1 Series

  • ADDED: support for initial plugin white labelling options
  • ADDED: login-as redirect options and support for WPMS login as
  • ADDED: Automatic Better WP Security IP Whitelisting for the iControlWP service
  • ADDED: Automatic Wordfence IP Whitelisting for the iControlWP service

2.0 Series

  • NAME CHANGE: Was Worpit, now iControlWP.com
  • ADDED: support for logging in as any user, not just admin.
  • FIX: preventing the plugin from disconnecting from the service in some cases.

1.3 Series

  • FIX: Improved security
  • CHANGED: Plugin communication with iControlWP App changed to help avoid security restrictions that impact direct access to PHP files.

1.2 Series

  • TWEAKED: Plugin’s custom access rules.
  • ADDED: a fix for whe na site changes its underlying file structure and the location of the plugin moves.
  • Plugin now redirects to the iControlWP settings page upon activation.
  • FIX: a bug with the code in the plugin option to mask WP version.
  • Plugin re-architecture to use HTTP GET instead of POST to receive directives from worpitapp.com
  • Tested with WordPress 3.5

1.1 Series

  • Adds custom options for setting various security related WordPress settings.
  • Now easier to find the plugin URL when adding a site.
  • Adds a .htaccess to the plugin root folder to cater for people who don’t have their own .htaccess to prevent directory listing
  • Fixes compatibility with other plugins who have the same function names in some cases.
  • Work around Maintenance Mode plugin so iControlWP commands still work even in maintenance mode.
  • Fix for handshaking features.
  • Minimum required version to support WorpDrive WordPress Backup and Recovery Service
  • Better stability features that also allow for better handling of errors and unexpected plugin output.

1.0 Series

  • Removes interference from the ‘Secure WordPess’ plugin when the iControlWP plugin initialises due to a request from the iControlWP service.
  • No functional change, just some wording on plugin.
  • Latest stable release.
  • Worpit – Manage WordPress Better Initial Release.