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Quality addons and widgets for Elementor to build best pages and templates, improve your Elementor Page Builder experience and boost your website performance.

Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with Wadi Addons for Elementor. Customizable and easy to use Elementor Widgets.

Get more Elementor Widgets, Templates, Addons, Elements, and more with Wadi Addons for Elementor.


Wadi Addons for Elementor provide lots of features and options that makes your designs highly customizable, it allows you to create your own design and style.


Performance of our widgets with high priority. We use latest and best technologies to make our widgets perform faster and more efficiently.

Elements Control

Provide you with a wide range of elements, but you still can control which elements to enable and disable to improve your website performance.

Growing Features

We are continuously adding new features to our widgets and templates to make them more powerful and easy to use.

Expert Support

We have great support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, or contact us directly contact form within the plugin.

Elementor Widgets & Elements

Accordion (Free): Create collapsible panels. you can create FAQ, or any other type of content in collapsible panels (Accordion).
Testimonial (Free): Display your testimonials in a beautiful and professional way, it also showcase your review, and help with your product credibility.
Media Carousel (Pro): Create high quality media carousel, with range of layouts, it can be used for different cases display your products, share media about your life, it can also used to show logos of your clients and many other use cases.
Gallery Grid (Free): Showcase your gallery images, videos in a beautiful grid view, with advanced filtering, and connecting to specific parts of your gallery remotely.
Flip Box (Pro): Hide your content behind a beautiful 3D flip box.
Carousel (Free): Create beautiful carousel with multiple layouts, using existing Elementor Templates.
Blockquote (Free): Show quotes from famous people, authors, and others using Wadi Blockquote for Elementor.
Price List (Free): Display your menus, products, and services using Price List for Elementor.
Posts (Free): Show your posts, pages, and other custom post types using Posts for Elementor, Also it provides an advanced filtering and pagination (Infinite Scroll on Load or On Click) for WordPress Posts, Pages.
Pricing Table (Pro): Create beautiful pricing tables with advanced features.
Tabs (Pro): Show content in tabs horizontally and vertically, with many advanced features and styling options.
Info Box (Free): Design quality info boxes to display your information in an awesome way.
Content Toggle (Pro): Display your content in smart way with Content Toggle for Elementor.
Dual Heading (Free): Highlight your heading with different colors and backgrounds.
Charts (Pro): Create highly creative charts for your data and display better visuals for the users.
Table (Pro): Organize your data into tables, it provides the ability to sort, filter, and sort your data easily with minimal effort.
Modal Popup (Pro): Create stunning Modals and Popup easily for Elementor, Provides the option to display Modal on Click or on Page load with delays.
Video (Free): Show your videos in the best possible way using Video Widget, Use Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotions, or Self Hosted videos with sticky, and lightbox options.
Image Accordion (Pro): Display your content in a creative way with Image Accordions Vertically or Horizontally.


  • Wadi Addons Widgets Enable & Disable (Settings)

सामान्य प्रश्न

Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use Wadi Addons for Elementor without Elementor Plugin since it’s an addon for Elementor.

Does it work with any theme?

Yes, It will work with any theme as long your are using Elementor.

Will Wadi Addons for Elementor Slow down my website?

Wadi addons for Elementor is built with priority to perform faster and more efficiently.

What happens if I upgraded to Wadi Addons for Elementor (Premium) version?

Everything will be OK, Your existing templates/elements/content will work just fine with premium version and you wouldn’t need to keep two plugins installed only Premium Version will be enough (Premium Version also includes the Free Widgets).


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बदलाव विवरण


  • Initial Stable Release


  • Fixed: width option in Flip Box from vh to vw unit
  • Added: width option to Flip Box settings
  • Fixed: Wadi Posts Infinite Scroll
  • Tested up to 5.9.2


  • New: Add Dual Heading Widget
  • New: Info Box Widget
  • New: Content Toggle Widget
  • Added Readme.txt info


  • New: Charts Widget
  • New: Table Widget
  • New: Modal Popup Widget
  • New: Video Widget
  • New: Image Accordion Widget