This plugin has been closed as of जुलाई 10, 2024 and is not available for download. यह बंद अस्थायी है, एक पूर्ण समीक्षा लंबित है।


दिसम्बर 13, 2020 1 जवाब
The features of the plugin are nice, a lot of good modules for the price with nice functionality. But I have found numerous bugs in the few module I have used so, so god known how many others there are on all the other modules. The updater also does not work properly on WordPress multisite. WordPress will tell you there is an update, you try to install and it tells you that you already have the latest version when you don’t, and the update then disappears. I have reported all the bugs I have found to the developer, but got no response whatsoever, and none of them seem to have been fixed in the last 6 months. Sadly the support for this plugin seems to be non existent. The developer does not respond to any messages sent via his website, not via the divisumo site or the cakewp site, he does not reply to emails, and getting replies via facebook is hit and miss. Most of my messages have gone unanswered. Sadly due to the lack of support and now ay to contact the developer, I have now had to give up and switched to Divi supreme instead. NOTE: I am a bit surprised by developers comments below. I own the PAID/PRO version, so I would expect to receive support. His comments would seem to imply that he intentionally ignores anyone that contacts him via his website or email, even paying customers.
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