This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Social Web Suite – Social Media Auto Post, Social Media Auto Publish


Social Web Suite: Your Ultimate Social Media Management Platform

Effortlessly auto-post to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). Share messages optimized for each platform without any extra work on your part.

FREE Package

[ Start sharing for free now!] Connect up to 3 social accounts and share unlimited times per day/month with Social Web Suite. Upgrade anytime to share to as many social accounts as you want!

Due to recent changes with X (Twitter), it is only available with our premium plans. We’ll keep you updated if this changes

Start sharing for free now!

Social Web Suite supports Gutenberg and WooCommerce!






Manage your clients’ social media content with unique workspaces and calendars for each client, and assign different team members to these workspaces.

WordPress Integration Never worry about social media marketing again with our WordPress social share plugin. Set it, forget it, and watch as our perfected automation system does the work for you.

Send a unique message every time you auto-post new or re-share old blog posts. Stay organized with our content marketing calendar, managing all your social media messages easily, for a year ahead!

Trusted by the Biggest Names in WordPress Join the ranks of Bob WP, Caldera Forms, LifterLMS, WPCampus, How I Built It, WPSessions, Gutenberg Times, and Eryn Flynn who use Social Web Suite for their social media marketing needs.

With Social Web Suite – Social Media Auto post platform you can:

  • auto post to Twitter
  • auto post to Facebook
  • auto post to LinkedIn
  • auto post to Instagram

WordPress Social Media Auto Post on publish

Preview and Auto-Posting all your messages before sending them to ensure they look great across all your social networks – X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook (pages, groups, and closed groups), and LinkedIn (profiles and pages).

Evergreen Content and YouTube Videos
Automatically re-share your old posts
all your selected social networks. Let your evergreen content shine again with our super smart social media marketing automation algorithm. Auto-publish all your YouTube videos on social media by simply adding your YouTube channel or a playlist to your Social Web Suite account.

Custom Campaigns and URL Shortener Create custom campaigns with Google UTM parameters and track the performance of those campaigns in Google Analytics. Or check the effectiveness of your posts directly in Social Web Suite

Customized Hashtags and Settings Auto-publish on social media with customized hashtags and different settings for each of your social profiles. No more bloated plugins that will slow down and break your WordPress site. Our WordPress social share plugin is designed to save you time and help you excel at social media marketing.

Right Message, Right Time Forget about logging into several platforms to find everything you need for your social media campaigns. Why do every single task manually when you can automate it all? Let us take care of your social media marketing so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying your life!

Scheduled Categories Schedule posts from certain categories to go out at specific times of the day. Schedule tutorials and deep content to go out in the morning, and save reviews and easy-to-scan pieces for tired eyes at the end of the day.

Social Web Suite is designed to help you streamline your social media strategy, save time, and improve your online presence. Start sharing for free now and experience the difference Social Web Suite can make in your social media marketing!

We have been featured in

No more bloated plugins that will only slow down and break your WordPress site. Our WordPress social share plugin is designed to save you time & help you be better with social media marketing. Start sharing for free now!

“Advanced marketers and prolific content creators like us need efficient intelligent social posting tools. Social Web Suite delivers an easy to use content syndication and automation tool with incredible support. As a software entrepreneur and podcaster, this tool gives me valuable time back and helps drive revenue. Social Web Suite is essential in our stack”.
Chris Badgett, LifterLMS CEO


  • WordPress auto post to Twitter – as soon as your post is published/updated it will be shared on your Twitter profile(s)
  • CREATE CONNECTIONS WITH SCHEDULED CATEGORIES – Schedule posts from certain categories to go out at specific times of the day. Schedule tutorials and deep content to go out in the morning, and save reviews and easy-to-scan pieces for tired eyes at the end of the day.
  • WordPress auto post to Facebook – as soon as you publish/update a new post it will automatically be shared on your Facebook pages and groups
  • Never run out of content to auto publish on social media– if no new post was published Social Web Suite’ social media marketing automation will automatically re-share your old posts based on the settings you have chosen
  • Spread some love with hashtags – several (9) options available including choosing the hashtags for each social account separately or for every post/page/custom post type
  • WordPress auto post to social media – connect your WordPress site in 2 easy steps and start sharing your posts
  • Your own analytics integrated – use your own account and see the number of link clicks directly from Social Web Suite
  • Social media auto publish – custom post types & custom taxonomies supported
  • Don’t let your old post goes to waste – schedule and re-share them again with Social Web Suite
  • Social media auto post while sharing a different message every time – add custom messages to your posts/pages/custom post types instead of a post title
  • auto post or use our platform to social media auto publish something instantly to all your favourite social networks or schedule it to be shared later
  • WordPress auto post to LinkedIn – social media auto publish you posts on your LinkedIn profile and pages easily
  • Connect and setup everything in just a few minutes with our easy walk-through wizard
  • Use our custom scheduling feature to schedule your content on all major social networks.
  • Send posts to social media accounts as pure links, without the image attached, images only, or with the featured image or let us pull your images from your posts – the choice is yours
  • Evergreen social posting automation perfected
  • Drag and drop queue (list view) will make managing your social media marketing a breeze
  • Get organized – Manage all your social messages from one calendar only!
  • Send a message to your favourite social networks immediately – quickly and easily share with your friends what is new in your life and business
  • Schedule and share your youtube videos easily
  • Start sharing for free now!.

Custom social media marketing messages created in your WordPress site or your WordPress blog

Manage your WordPress sites social media in just 2 simple steps:
1. Create a Social Web Suite account and link it to WordPress (with our own WordPress plugin).
2. Connect your social media accounts and share your content.

Auto publish on social media your new and re-share your old posts.

Set it and forget it– the perfect social media marketing automation – let us do the work while you enjoy your free time.

With custom sharing and social media scheduling you can preview and edit your social media posts before you auto publish them to your selected social media channels.

Imagine being able to have a single message, optimized for each platform you use, scheduled and ready to go even before the day begins, leaving you free to get back to what matters the most to you. Social Web Suite makes auto publish on social media not only possible, but easy, affordable, and intuitive.

Social Web Suite for Social Media Managers

Social Web Suite for Professional Bloggers

Easily rearrange, schedule, edit and add new social messages to our drag and drop social media marketing calendar and see your complete social strategy for a day, week or month ahead.

We make it quick, simple, and easy to push the content out via RSS feeds. Just select which social profiles you are posting to from which feeds, and click to auto publish on social media. It’s really that simple.

GET STARTED QUICKLY WITH AN EASY SETUP. Using our pre-set default sharing settings it is super easy to start managing your social presence now!

INCREASE VIEWS WITH HANDPICKED HASHTAGS. Get more eyes on your social shares by implementing relevant hashtags. Choose to add custom hashtags or turn your categories and tags into ready made hashtags.

DELIVER THE RIGHT MESSAGE AT THE RIGHT TIME! Forget about login into several platforms to find everything you need for your social media campaigns. Why do every single task manually when you can automate it all? Let us take care of your social media marketing so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying your life!

We would love to hear your suggestions! Please, send us an email to support [at]

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4.1.10 – 2024-04-03

version bump

4.1.9 – 2024-22-02

version bump

4.1.8 – 2024-4-02

version bump

4.1.7 – 2024-29-01

version bump

4.1.6 – 2024-18-01

version bump

4.1.4 – 2023-14-12

Free package added
error logs deleted

3.1.4 – 2021-02-21

  • checked against the the latest version ogf WP 5.9
  • fixed bug in post meta to display proper placeholder images (path has been fixed)

3.1.3 – 2021-11-12

  • fixed he issue with count() function that was causing the problems with newer php versions

3.1.2 – 2021-11-11

  • deleted the error logs

3.1.1 – 2021-10-29

deleted ‘\’ in file class-socialwebsuite.php on line 568
Credit: flatlinesradio

3.1.0 – 2021-10-29

  • video link to YT

3.0.0 – 2021-5-14

  • placeholder image and functionality for the social profiles that don’t have images
  • Instagram icon on Instagram social profiles

Changes have been made in:
– admin.css
– readme file (change log, description, changed the videos from Vimeo to YouTube)
– class-socialwebsuite-helpers.php
– post-meta-box.php
– social-web-suite.php

2.0.10 – 2020-10-10

  • Posts that are not public are not going to be shared.

= 2.0.9 – 2020-10-01
– Update for WordPress version 5.5.1
– notifications hidden

= 2.0.8 – 2019-11-15
– import categories limit 1000 posts

= 2.0.7 – 2019-10-30
– import categories limit 1000 posts

= 2.0.5 – 2019-08-02
– Minor improvements. Global functions to share posts programmatically. Minor fixes for WooCommerce taxonomy. Added filter to skip the specific post type from being shared

= 2.0.5 – 2019-06-05
– Minor improvements. Remove notice on subscription expired or trial expired if user subscribes.

= 2.0.4 – 2019-05-28
– Gutenberg compatibility improvements. Prevent sending post to server when sharing is off. Set checked or unchecked social accounts.

= 2.0.3 – 2019-04-15
– Minor fix

= 2.0.2 – 2019-04-13
– Minor updates

= 2.0.1 – 2019-04-05
– Minor updates

= 2.0.0 – 2019-04-03
– Updates for new Social Web Suite service version release

= 1.4.13 – 2019-02-04
– Support for unicode characters in custom messages

= 1.4.12 – 2019-02-02
– tested against the 5.0.3

= 1.4.10 – 2018-11-19
– Update for December
– Woocomerce & Gutenberg support published

= 1.4.9 – 2018-11-19
– Update for November

= 1.4.8 – 2018-10-29
– re-tested auto post to Facebook

= 1.4.7 – 2018-09-30
– opt-in fix

1.4.6 – 2018-09-13

  • added Video Library and Help buttons

1.4.5 – 2018-09-06

  • added Video Library and Help buttons

1.4.4 – 2018-06-05

  • Minor updates,

1.4.3 – 2018-06-01

  • Added refresh button to reconnect site that was unavailable. Added hook to include/exclude post IDs. Added option to wordpress auto post to social media functionality to include/exclude non-public custom post types

1.4.2 – 2018-05-10

  • GDPR compliance completed

1.4.1 – 2018-04-13

  • Redesign for individual post settings. Minor fixes for posts list query

1.4.0 – 2018-04-05

  • Minor fixes, allow line breaks in sharing format

1.3.9 – 2018-03-22

  • Minor fixes and lightweight changes to wordpress social share plugin api functionality.

1.3.8 – 2018-03-01

  • Minor fixes, retrieve full image, not resized, methods to retrieve original image for old set schedules

1.3.7 – 2018-02-23

  • Minor fixes and changes to facebook posting and also for wordpress auto post to social media functionality/tasks

1.3.6 – 2018-01-29

  • Minor fixes

1.3.5 – 2018-01-18

  • UI improvements and minor fixes

1.3.4 – 2017-12-22

  • Added custom messages for single post to be sent instead of title, added checklist of connected Social Network profiles for single post settings, so user can select to which Social Network profile post will be shared

1.3.3 – 2017-12-01

  • Limit date range for custom schedule dates, various minor fixes

1.3.2 – 2017-11-16

  • Changed characters number limit for custom message for individual post settings

1.3.1 – 2017-11-02

  • Minor changes

1.3.0 – 2017-09-22

  • Minor fixes

1.2.9 – 2017-09-22

  • New feature for listing custom post types to exclude them added, social networks auto-poster functionality minor fixes to the API

1.2.6 – 2017-09-13

  • Added translation file with translatable strings, Minor tweaks fixes

1.2.5 – 2017-08-31

  • Minor changes and again fix for wordpress auto post to social media functionality

1.2.4 – 2017-08-15

  • Minor fix for activation process and also fix for wordpress auto post to social media functionality

1.2.3 – 2017-08-11

  • Minor fix for php backwards compatibility

1.2.2 – 2017-08-10

  • Removed automatic conversion to lowercase for hashtags for the social networks auto-poster functionality

1.2.1 – 2017-08-07

  • Minor fix for WordPress scheduled posts and also wordpress auto post to facebook. Social media auto post functionality and social networks auto-poster was tested again for all channels.

1.2.0 – 2017-08-04

  • Minor fixes, social networks auto-poster tag was fixed as it was misspelled
    = 1.1.9 – …


  • Calendar
  • custom message templates
  • Queue
  • quick send


Following are the steps to install the Social Web Suite WordPress social share plugin:

  1. Sign in to your WordPress blog
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Add New’
  3. Search for ‘Social Web Suite’
  4. Find ‘Social Web Suite’ in the results and click ‘Install Now’
  5. Once plugin is installed, click activate
  6. Click on the Social Web Suite in your WordPress dashboard to access the general page
  7. Click on the ‘Activate the Plugin now’ button to connect it with the Social Web Suite platform.

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सामान्य प्रश्न

What Is Social Web Suite?

Social Web Suite is a social media marketing platform that allows you to manage, schedule, and track social media postings across multiple accounts and platforms. Think of it as your own customizable social media team, ready to take over everyday tasks like managing regular postings, and more advanced ones like mining old content and providing analytics. Social Web Suite unties you from the grind of social media and lets you get back to focusing on what matters most. Social Web Suite integrates with your WordPress blog using a lightweight WordPress social share plugin.

That Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Social Web Suite couldn’t be easier. Click here to sign up, take a few seconds to install the WordPress plugin, and go! Really, that’s it!

How Much Does All That Glorious Power And Convenience Cost?

Social Web Suite’s complete professional plans cost less per day than a drive through cup of bad coffee, or a single accidental roaming text. Everyone values their time differently, but we feel like the precious hours you have to waste on managing social media are worth more than that. You can check out our full range of pricing plans here.

How Do I Use Social Web Suite? If I’m New To All This, Will I Be Lost?

We designed Social Web Suite to be as easy to use as posting a regular Facebook status or making a simple calendar entry. We’re here to make things easier, not more complicated. Check out our how-to videos here if you want to become a social media wizard in a matter of minutes.

Is Social Web Suite able to share all WordPress posts automatically to all our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts?

Yes, it is. You can definitively WordPress auto post to Facebook with Social Web Suite.

You can schedule all your posts to be shared automatically by your predefined days and times to be sent to all your Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, and groups, and LinkedIn profiles and pages. Our algorithm then recycles your old posts based on your predefined settings.

You can also choose to share your posts immediately when they got published in WordPress, or when they are scheduled in WordPress, or even when they are updated in WordPress.

For your special deals and promotions that are date sensitive, you can even schedule your posts to be shared only between specific dates and times with our WordPress auto post social media platform.

Social Web Suite should work in the background so our writers don’t have to do anything when they post a normal WordPress post

Once you set up the “post on publish” option on our platform your writers can just write the posts and that is it.

Our WordPress auto post social media platform will work in the background to make sure that your posts are always shared.

Does Social Web Suite comes setup already or do I have to do everything?

When you first connect your WordPress site to Social Web Suite there are some pre-default settings already set up for you.

If you are okay with that, you can start WordPress auto post to social media immediately or if you want, you can tweak the settings per your liking, too.

Does Social Web Suite supports Gutenberg?

Yes, it does support Gutenberg!

Does Social Web Suite supports WooCommerce?

Yes, it does support WooCommerce!

I Don’t See My Question Answered Here! Help!

Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay. Shoot us a quick email here.
A real life human being who actually cares about helping you will get back to you as soon as possible.


फ़रवरी 11, 2024 1 जवाब
Thank you for your response and your subsequent help, Tina. I’m leaving the original message struckthrough below for context, but I’m updating the rating to 5-star and following up in the message. I appreciate your getting it working again, and back to the plugin I’ve known and loved for years. Here’s to tracking down the last few lingering gremlins! ————————– [I used this plugin for years, and it was exactly what I wanted, but lately it’s gone drastically downhill and careened into a ditch. When my existing connections stopped working, I contacted support. It took a month to get any response from them to even ask for my account information. That was 6 months ago and I’ve had nothing but silence since, despite repeated requests for an update. I’ve been completely ghosted. I’m also still receiving emails saying that the scheduled posts, which I had already DELETED, haven’t sent. Avoid this plugin. Seriously.]
मई 7, 2022 3 जवाब
works well and posts also third party posts made by other plugins, but just 14 days trial.
मार्च 6, 2021 1 जवाब
The plugin is Paid-ONLY, does have a “Start your 14 days Free Trial Today” somewhere deep in the description, but NOTHING suggest that you are getting a 2 weeks trial, until you actually check the inside of the site. This is misleading. Otherwise, if you can affort $10/month, it`s pretty easy to use. If it works, because Facebook often change the way apps can publish on facebook pages. I would not buy it, probably they target bigger sites, but I agree, this app SHOULD NOT BE HERE where people search for free plugins. LE: Nope! It does not auto-post upon Publish/Update/Schedule, although I checked “Share on Publish – Automatically share page/post when you click “publish” in WordPress. Share on Update – Share a published post when it’s updated (edited and saved in WordPress. Share posts scheduled in WordPress when published – Share a scheduled post when it gets published by WordPress. It does share on all the facebook pages in my facebook profile when I manually shared a post from their website though.
दिसम्बर 27, 2020 1 जवाब
I read this entry and do not see a free version only a 14 day trial. This plugin directory is based upon having a free version and grudgingly allowing pro version bait and switch for a real fill featured plugin. Maybe I am missing the free version some where but I believe this plugin should not be allowed to get FREE advertise here and NOT provide a permanent FREE version. Anyone else agree?
अप्रैल 30, 2020 2 जवाब
annoying notification for rate us
अप्रैल 10, 2018 1 जवाब
Great system, fast and friendly support and totally enables me to post WP blog posts without having to type again in FB. Brilliant!
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