This plugin has been closed as of जुलाई 10, 2024 and is not available for download. यह बंद अस्थायी है, एक पूर्ण समीक्षा लंबित है।


मार्च 22, 2024
I love this plugin and the functionality it adds to our website – for a decent price. Thank you very much for your super helpful and fast responding support!
जुलाई 12, 2023
I had been using another popular pdf plugin with pretty good success. However, it was always a bit finicky, spacing never quite right, etc. After a little frustration, I searched again and found this PDFCrowd plugin. I was super excited about how cleanly the formatting, including spacing, came across from my wordpress pages. I am not a programmer, but have a somewhat technical background. I needed a couple of minor tweaks to the set up (eg. manual page break, image borders, images not breaking across pages, etc.). I was even more excited at the support provided to assist me with these items.This is probably more expensive than the other options out there, but the quality of the pdf rendering stands above the rest, at least for my site. I highly recommend this plugin.
फ़रवरी 9, 2023 1 जवाब
I understand allowing ‘freemium’ plugins, but this is just a pitch for the paid version as it is not usable without paying: “The plugin runs in the demo by default. It is fully functional but adds a watermark and Pdfcrowd branding over the content.”
अगस्त 29, 2022
Having reviewed various PDF output solutions in recent months, this one is the best! Simple to use, yet with many options if you want to customise and explore more advanced features! Great results and fantastic support as well!
जून 21, 2022
I did try a lot of js scripts and more than 8 plugins, but this plugin is best way to make pdf from pages. Really. A lot of customization and options.
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