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Product Designer plugin is a ready and simple way to add WooCommerce product customize or product designer on your eCommerce shop. Allow your customer to design or customize themselves before submitting order. you customer can add custom clipart, text, shapes and etc. You can add unlimited product sides for different kinds of products. our product designer is based on templates so you can use same template for many products. Users can download or preview their designs before submitting orders. there is a ton of options for customizing text art, clipart and shapes.

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Plugin Features

WooCommerce ready
Product Designer is WooCommerce ready and your customer will able to submit order by customizing products, you will able to see design files via order data.

Clipt Arts
You can add unlimited clipart, image, picture for design assest, so your user can add them to designer. there is category based filter and ajax pagination for accessing cliparts.

Text Arts
Your customer can add text on the product designer, there is many option to customize text, font size, color, font families, we added 50+ hand picked Google fonts, you can add your own.

SVG or Shapes
You can upload or add unlimited shapes or svg file and your customer can use these to design their products.

Unlimited product sides
Based on different product you can add any number of product sides, so user can customize each side on the designer.

Design preview
User can preview their design before submit order.

Design download
Your customer can download design before submit order.

Premium Features

Pre saved templates
You can save unlimited pre saved templates for each templates, so use can choose from pre saved template to get quickly order their expected design or start work from existing templates.

Upload custom cliparts
Allow users to upload their own clipart so that users can design their products as they want.

Cliparts price
You can set custom price for each cliparts and different types of assets like text, qr code, barcode and text also.

Curve text
Displaying curve text on the product is fancy and our product designer allow users to editing curve text.

Quotes text
You can add your own quotes text, so user can use these quotes on their products.

QR code
Allow user to add their QR code on the design.

User can generate their own Barcode on the design.

Download preview
Allow user to download preview on editing their design.

Google fonts
We have already added 50+ handpicked Google fonts, you can add your own Google font via settings.

Custom fonts
You can add your own custom fonts on the designer.

Video tutorials


  • screenshot-1
  • screenshot-2
  • screenshot-3
  • screenshot-4
  • screenshot-5
  • screenshot-6


  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin setting via WordPress Dashboard and find “Product Designer” activate it.

After activate plugin you will see “Product Designer” menu at left side on WordPress dashboard.

How to use on page.

Use following short-code to display designer anywhere in page content. [product_designer]

Before starting you need to add some clip art via custom post “Clip Art” with thumbnail image.


अक्टूबर 12, 2021
-Una vez editado, no puede previsualizar ni descargar. – En el carrito no sale el diseño. Tengo la versión PRO Gracias
मार्च 30, 2021 1 जवाब
The designer works great, but it does not help to have this feature when the customer design does not add to the order received. So how are you supposed to deliver what they have designed?
मार्च 21, 2021
Allow me to start by saying the plug-in is good. I like it. However, it is still buggy. For example, when switching typefaces I have to make them bold for the changed typeface can be seen. I have a list of imprímenos or features that could be added. Hopefully the devs were thinking about this. Allow us to have the edit button on specific tees. I have not seen any option where I can tell the plug-in where I want the button to customized my tees. Allow the images, clip arts, shapes, and so on be downloaded as they were design on the tee. Also, allow us to download each image used separately (This is being implemented) Allow us to tell the users that they can upload images unlimited for their designs. Meaning, let us give the client a limit of uploading images for their design or make this uploaded images be deleted after a few days. (I don’t know if it can be implemented. Hopefully the devs will figure something out) Allow us to place a canvas on the tee where the design should be on while also letting us let the clients run wild with their designs. These are the implementations and improvements I hope to see. Let’s make this plugging the best out there.
अक्टूबर 7, 2020 1 जवाब
This plugin is so good. I am using it and truth be told, I am enjoying it. I recommend it to whoever needs a product designer. Kudos to the developers. Also when I could not set it up very well, the support I got from the developer was fantastic. I highly recommend the plugin.
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* 2024-03-13 - remove - Removed unnecessary ajax function.


* 2022-03-30 - fix - Displaying customize button on unexpecetdly


* 2021-07-04 - fix - toast display issue fixed.
* 2021-07-04 - fix - pre-save template nav removed
* 2021-07-04 - update - image editing option updated.
* 2021-07-04 - update - text editing option updated.


* 2021-06-28 - update - post types public to private
* 2021-06-28 - add - display "customizable product" mark on product list page
* 2021-06-28 - add - hide designer editor sections
* 2021-06-28 - add - customize color for editor.


* 2021-06-27 - fix - color picker visibility issue fixed.


* 2021-06-21 - add - load designer on product page.
* 2021-06-21 - update - optimize CSS load.
* 2021-06-21 - update - fixed some style issue


* 2021-06-07 - fix - missing translation string issue fixed.


* 2021-04-16 - fix - minor security issue fixed.
* 2021-04-16 - remove - unnecessary function removed.


* 2021-04-13 - fix - security issue fixed.


* 2020-09-06 - add - product side object data added under WooCommerce order


* 2020-08-21 - add - shape post type added.


* 2020-08-17 - add - added some action hooks and arguments


* 2020-08-17 - fix - clipart category loading issue fixed.
* 2020-08-17 - fix - conflict wih jQuery UI css issue fixed.
* 2020-08-17 - add - Clipart width option added.
* 2020-08-17 - add - Clipart background color option added.


* 2020-08-08 - add - customize button custom text.
* 2020-08-08 - add - customize button custom background color.
* 2020-08-08 - add - font-awesome old/new version icons added.
* 2020-08-08 - add - Enable guide option added
* 2020-08-08 - remove - cliptart price field


* 2020-08-04 - add - layer action hide/unhide added
* 2020-08-04 - add - layer action lock/unclock added


* 2020-08-04 - add - added more keyboard shortcut


* 2020-08-03 - add - some keyboard shortcut added
* 2020-08-03 - add - variation based customize button display on single product page.


* 2020-07-31 - fix - newly added clipart display issue fixed.


* 2020-07-30 - update - redesigned editor


* 2020-07-24 - fix - WooCommerce order data issue fixed.
* 2020-07-24 - update - designer color updated.
* 2020-07-24 - update - designer preview improved.
* 2020-07-24 - update - preview download issue fixed.


* 2020-07-22 - fix - js error issue fixed.
* 2020-07-22 - update - settings page update
* 2020-07-23 - fix - download preview issue fixed.


* 2020-01-27 - fix - templates saving issue fixed.


* 2020-01-27 - fix - minor php issue fixed


* 2020-01-23 - fix - security issue fixed.


* 30/04/2019 - remove - Remove tooltips to avoid conflict with bootstrap


* 02/08/2018 - fix - More string added to translate.


* 23/07/2018 - fix - Translation issue fixed.


* 03/07/2018 - fix - Canvas Item sides meta field fixed.
* 03/07/2018 - update - Update video tutorials.


* 06/06/2018 - update - Re-write plugin.


* 30/03/2017 - fix - designer broken issue fixed.


* 02/03/2016 - add - translation added.


* 12/12/2016 - add - added help page.


* 29/11/2016 - add - added shapes.


* 28/11/2016 Initial release.