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Add floating form and tabs on any side of your website to help your visitors contact you and easily find your Facebook page, YouTube channel, open hours, address, phone number, email or any other important business information

With My Sticky Elements you can:

  • Capture more leads and messages through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many other chat and social channels
  • Get more followers on your business’ social pages
  • Show important information such as open hours and address

🎥 Check out My Sticky Elements in action (Video with audio)

Want to use the robust pro version? Check out My Sticky Elements Pro Plans.

📝 Contact form and social buttons in one plugin

Show customizable tabs that will help your website visitors contact you and reach out to you or follow your business on any popular social channel such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Pinterest, Youtube, WeChat and more.

🚀 Show My Sticky Elements contact and social tabs

Contact form
Facebook page
Twitter page –
Instagram page
Pinterest page
YouTube channel
Click to call
Facebook Messenger
Open hours
Trip Advisor
Google Play (Google)
App Store (Apple)
Odnoklassniki (OK Одноклассники)
Custom Icon
Shortcode, IFrame or HTML icon
6 Custom icons (Pro)
6 Shortcode, IFrame or HTML icons (Pro)

🔗 Integrations

Upgrade to the Pro version of My Sticky Elements and connect your My Sticky Elements contact forms to MailChimp or MailPoet.
MailChimp integration – connect your contact forms to your MailChimp audiences. You can add the contacts so specific MailChimp groups or tags.
MailPoet integration – sync your leads with your MailPoet account with the click of a button.

=▶️ Live Demo =
A live demo for My Sticky Elements plugin is available at Premio’s demo site.

👬 Join the Premio community

Have any questions or feature suggestions? We’d love to hear from you. Join our Facebook group to share ideas and get updates about new features.

🆓 What do you get in the Free plan?

  1. Show a floating contact form with any field you want: Name, Phone, Email, and Message
  2. Choose what fields in your floating contact form are required to be filled by your visitors
  3. Show up to 2 different social icons tabs
  4. Select the location of the widget (bottom/left/right). If you select bottom desktop location for the contact us form, chat and social icons you can place the widget on the left and the right.
  5. Choose from a variety of contact icons templates including rounded, diamond, sharp, triangle, leaf shaped and more
  6. Set an entry effect (slide-in or fade) for your contact form and chat icons
  7. Bottom and top location for mobile – display the widget on the bottom part of the screen for easy access on mobile (including the contact form). Let your visitors contact you with ease! When you choose top position for the widget, all your content will be pushed down, which means your menu and other header content will stay visible and clickable
  8. Add a custom Call-To-Action beside each tab
  9. New! Auto-launch the contact us form on page load and make it easier for your visitors to fill out your floating contact form
  10. New! Icons’ text – add any custom text label under your icons. You can add a label to your channels, for example, WhatsApp label for the WhatsApp channel, or Facebook Messenger label for the Facebook Messenger icon
  11. Choose background colors for your tabs
  12. Choose the order of your social icons tabs (with drag and drop)
  13. Decide which tabs you want to show on desktop & mobile, or both
  14. Decide whether the tabs will be opened by hover or click
  15. New! Make your custom channels act as existing channels. For example, you can create two WhatsApp buttons or two Facebook Messenger buttons or any other combination
  16. LTR/RTL support for your contact form
  17. Collect all of your contact form leads into your local database
  18. Minimize tab: from now on your visitors can minimize the floating menu on desktop and mobile. You can show the minimize icon on mobile or desktop separately, and also decide if you want to have the widget minimized by default or fully displayed by default
  19. New! Launch your contact form and chat channels using a JavaScript function. just link to this function launch_mystickyelements(); with a number inside the brackets (1,2,3 etc) to launch any of your channels
  20. Change contact form fields order: you can now decide the order of your contact forms fields using drag and drop
  21. New! 24 new channels: Vimeo, Spotify, Itunes, SoundCloud, VK, Viber, Snapchat, Skype
    Line, SMS, Tumblr, Qzone, QQ, Behance, Dribbble, Quora, Poptin, Fiverr, Shopify, Printful, Odnoklassniki (OK Одноклассники), Gumroad
  22. Full RTL support for RTL menus
  23. Change the font of all the buttons text
  24. Change the size of the widget bar (both the contact form and all the channels’ icons). You can change the size separately for mobile and desktop
  25. A custom icon is now available in the free version, you can use it to link to your click to chat provider or any other relevant website or in-site page. You can use it as a plain link to any website, or as a Javascript to trigger any chat provider or any other Javascript triggered service
  26. You can use the new shortcode, IFrame or HTML icon and display any embedded content on-hover or on-click. You can use it to show a youtube/vimeo video, contact form 7 or any other form, maps, or any other shortcode or IFrame
  27. You can add a preset message that’ll automatically be inserted to the WhatsApp messages your visitors send you
  28. Track the URL from which your contact form was submitted
  29. Use Font Awesome icons for the custom icons and the shortcode icons
  30. My Sticky Elements is fully compatible with page builders like Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, SiteOrigin, Zion, Beaver, Visual Composer, and more 🙂
  31. Load Google fonts locally from your website – if you select a Google font, you can load it locally from your WordPress website to improve the website’s loading time

🔥 What do you get in the Pro plan?

Unlock the Pro features for only $49/year
You will get all the features of the free plan, plus:

  1. Show unlimited tabs at the same time (contact form + 50 social icons + 3 custom icons + 3 shortcode, HTML, and IFrame icons)
  2. Get the leads for your contact form directly to your email
  3. Upload up to 6 custom icons for your tabs. You can use it to link to your click to chat provider or any other relevant website or in-site page. You can use it as a plain link to any website, or as a Javascript to trigger any chat provider or any other Javascript triggered service.
  4. Page targeting – show or hide your contact form, chat, call, and social networks channels on specific pages. Use our advanced page targeting rules (contain, exact match, starting with, and ending with) to show and hide the widget. You can also target your floating contact form and chat widgets for specific WordPress pages, posts, categories, and tags.
  5. Widget analytics – discover the most frequently used chat and social channels (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, contact form, etc) and keep track of how each widget performs. Use the widget analytics feature to analyze the number of unique clicks and the click-through rate
  6. Country targeting – display or hide your contact us form, chat icons and social buttons for specific countires
  7. New! Time delay – show your contact form and chat channels to your visitors after a few seconds based on your choice.
  8. Integrations with MailChimp and MailPoet – connect your My Sticky Elements contact forms to your MailChimp and MailPoet accounts
  9. Create different bars for different pages. Show different icons, form and language based on page targeting rules. You can also create 2 different bars for the same page if you want 🙂
  10. Custom CSS style for your contact form and tabs
  11. Custom height position of the contact us form and the chat channels on the screen for desktop and mobile from the top or bottom of the screen
  12. New! Custom fields to your floating contact form – add custom fields to your contact form including text, text area, dropdowns, website, number, and date fields
  13. New! Automatically close the contact form after submission – once your visitors submit the contact form, you can have the form to automatically close after a few seconds
  14. New! Google reCAPTCHA support – add Google reCAPTCHA support for your My Sticky Elements contact us forms (reCAPTCHA v2 and reCAPTCHA v3 are supported)
  15. Add a file uploader to your contact form – let your visitors upload based on your needs. You can use it to allow uploading png, jpg, PDF, and many other popular file types to your contact form
  16. Consent checkbox – use this feature to create GDPR ready forms. Once your website visitors accept your terms, the form will be submitted
  17. Google Analytics events. this is how it work:
    For Facebook, (Twitter), Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, YouTube, Click to call, Facebook Messenger, Email, Telegram -> the Google Analytics event will be fired when the visitor click on their link in the open tab.
    For Open hours, Address and WeChat -> The Google Analytics event will be fired when the visitor hover the tab
  18. Dropdown multi select field to your contact form -> add dropdown select box to your contact form for multi choice, and give your visitors the option to select one variant from a list of predefined variants.
  19. Redirect your visitors to another page after the form is submitted. You can use this feature to present a thank-you page for your form.
  20. You can create 6 shortcode, IFrame or HTML icon and display any embedded content on-hover or on-click. You can use it to show a youtube/vimeo video, contact form 7 or any other form, maps, or any other shortcode or IFrame.
  21. You can add custom text fields to your contact form. This means you can collect any kind of information in your contact form including address, zip, note, or any other kind of free text.
  22. Send your contact form leads to as many email addresses you want. E.g. you can send your contact form leads to your client and to yourself just to keep track. You can also CC or BCC your recipients.
  23. Change the thank you message that’s displayed after the contact form is submitted.
  24. Log the IP address of visitors that submit your contact us form.
  25. Add a Text block to your contact form – add text to the upper part of your forms. Use the text to add instructions and relevant info to your form
  26. New! Traffic source targeting – show the contact form and social channels only to visitors who come from specific traffic sources including direct traffic, social networks, search engines, Google Ads, or any other traffic source.
  27. New! Available days and hours – display the contact form and chat buttons on specific days and hours based on your opening days and hours.
  28. New! More text formatting options for the text block and consent checkbox text.
  29. New! Add sender name in email subject for your contact form submissions – you can now have the subject field include the sender’s name.
  30. New! Multiple file upload feature – there can now be up to 5 files that can be uploaded via the contact form.
  31. New! TikTok – you can now have the option to add their TikTok channel as a platform option in the Add Chat and Social Media tab.
  32. New! Merge tags for WhatsApp – you can add merge tag like the URL or the Title of the page when visitors message you on WhatsApp

Upgrade to pro 🚀 to get all pro features 🙂

💻 How does each social button work?

  • My Sticky Elements Contact Form – your contact form can include Name field, Phone number field, Email field and Message field (textarea).
    The phone and emails field have a built-in validation feature, and all the leads will be displayed on your “Contact Leads” tab in your admin panel (CSV download is available as well). You can also get these leads by email in the Pro plan.
    You can also add a country code formatting picker to your contact form, making it easier for your visitors to enter their phone number.
    The contact form fields also support RTL!

  • Facebook page – add a link to your Facebook business page (fan page), and let your visitors find you on facebook, like your page and follow your posts. Build your brand on Facebook with social proof and trust by showing updates, comments and growing audience.

  • Twitter page / – add a link to your Twitter business page, and let your visitors find you on Twitter, follow your page and see your posts. Have lots of updates? Twitter is a great social network to keep your audience posted with new deals, services or features.

  • Instagram page – add a link to your Instagram business page or Instagram profile page, and let your visitors follow your brand on Instagram, like your posts and see your promotions. If you have an eCommerce store, restaurant, hotel or any business that images are a big part of its marketing, Instagram is a must for you.

  • Pinterest page – add a link to your Pinterest business page or even to a specific Pinterest board, and let your visitors follow your brand on Pinterest and like your pictures. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a popular social network when we talk about images and visual content.

  • WhatsApp chat – enter your phone number and when your visitors click on the WhatsApp icon, WhatsApp chat interface will be launched. On mobile it will launch the WhatsApp app conversation window, and on desktop it will launch the desktop WhatsApp web interface. You can add a preset message that’ll automatically be inserted to the WhatsApp messages your visitors send you. On desktop you can decide if you prefer to redirect users to WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web.
    Adding WhatsApp button to your site will give 25 million new users every month (833,000 active users per day) and total of 65 million active users (10% of the total worldwide users), access to contact your immediately.

  • YouTube channel – add a link to your YouTube channel (YouTube page) and get more subscribers and views for your videos. In today’s world, videos are consumed more than ever before, and YouTube is probably the best platform to publish your videos and tutorials.

  • Phone number (click to call) – add a phone number and let your visitors use the call now button to contact you or your business directly. A call button is very useful in mobile devices, but desktop visitors can also view your phone number or click to call you via different calling web apps (like Skype).

  • Facebook Messenger – enter the direct link to the Facebook Messenger of your business page. and once the visitors click on the Facebook Messenger button, the Messenger conversation tab will be opened and they will be able to send you a message. You will get the message into your Facebook page inbox and if you have a bot (native Facebook Messenger bot, Manychat or Chatfuel) it will work automatically.

  • Email – enter your business email, and let your visitors click on the email button and send you an email via their email client (Gmail or Outlook). They can also copy the email address and send you an email later.

  • TikTok – enter your TikTok handle and let your website visitors discover your TikTok profile.

  • Poptin – launch a Poptin pop up using the Poptin channel. Use Poptin to get more sales, leads, and email subscribers using smart pop ups and forms.

  • Address – show your business address for website visitors that want to arrive to your store.

  • Open hours – show your business hours for website visitors that want to arrive to your store. You can also type your workdays there.

  • WeChat – enter your WeChat User ID and let your visitors search for you easily on the WeChat app and message you about your business.

  • Telegram channel – add your Telegram channel link and let your visitors join your Telegram community. The number of Telegram users keeps growing, and it is a great channel to talk privately about your business with your clients and fans.

  • Vimeo – do you have a Vimeo channel? Like on YouTube, Let your visitors see all of your videos on Vimeo, comment, like your videos and follow your channel. Just add your Vimeo channel link and you’re all set.

  • Spotify – Spotify is growing and if you run a podcast, Spotify is the best distribution channel you can probably have. Let your visitor find your podcast and playlists easily and follow you.

  • Itunes – similar to Spotify but for Apple users. Add your itunes link to let your visitors find your itunes channel quickly. Just add your itunes link and you’re ready to go.

  • SoundCloud – this is another great channel like itunes and Spotify to distribute music, interviews and podcasts. SoundCloud lets its users to upload, promote, and share audio, so don’t skip on this one.

  • VK – VKontakte is a Russian online social media and social networking service. Add you VK username in the field and it will automatically let your visitors chat with you.

  • Viber – Viber is a popular cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software. Add your phone number and visitors who have Viber app installed can call and chat with you easily.

  • Snapchat – Very popular social messaging app used globally. Insert your Snapchat username and let your visitors message you anytime.

  • Skype – Like Viber, Skype lets your visitors send you messages or call you from their phone or desktop. Just add your Skype username and you’re all set.

  • Line – Line is a free app for instant communications. Enter your LIne link and let your visitors contact your easily.

  • SMS – Let your visitors send you SMS via their mobile phone.

  • Tumblr – Tumblr is microblogging and social networking website. Let your visitors read your Tumblr posts and images and follow your brand.

  • Qzone – QZone is a very popular social networking website in China. Add your QZone link and let your visitors see your videos, images and read what you have to say.

  • QQ – QQ was created by the same company as QZone. Tencent QQ is an instant messaging software service and web portal in China. Add your QQ username and let your visitors chat with you easily.

  • Behance – Behance is an online platform to showcase and discover creative work. If you are in the design business, you should definitely show your portfolio there and let your visitors see it.

  • Dribbble – Like Behance, Dribbble is made for creatives and it is an online community for showcasing user-made artwork. If you want to open a Dribbble account, you need to get an invitation by one of the existing users. Insert your Dribbble portfolio link and show your work to your visitors.

  • Quora – Quora is an Q&A (question-and-answer) website. Quora is a great place to gain and share knowledge. Answer questions, get more impressions and build your personal brand. Enter the link to your Quora profile and let your visitors follow you on Quora.

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional community. In LinkedIn you can find all kind of professionals including sales people, developers, finance, marketers and much more. Enter the link to your LinkedIn profile and let your visitors connect with you on LinkedIn.

  • Yelp – Yelp is a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum. Link to your Yelp profile and let your visitors find your business with ease.

  • Amazon – Amazin is one of the biggest eCommerce website around the world. Link to your Amazon store or Amazon product to increase sales.

  • Reddit – Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Link to your Reddit community and help your visitors join the conversation.

  • RSS – RSS is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. Link to your RSS feed to make sure all your visitors are up-to-date.

  • Flickr – Flickr is an image hosting service and video hosting service. Link to your Flickr profile and make sure your visitors can browse your images.

  • eBay – eBay is one of the biggest eCommerce websites worldwide. Link to your eBay store or eBay products and increase sales.

  • Etsy – Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Link to your Etsy store and increase your sales.

  • Slack – Slack is a proprietary instant messaging platform. Link to your Slack workplace so your visitors can chat with you.

  • Trip Advisor – TripAdvisor is a platform with user-generated content, price comparison tools, and online reservations for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. Link to your Trip Advisor profile and let your visitors view your reviews.

  • Medium – Medium is an online publishing platform. Link to your Medium publication and expose your visitors to your posts.

  • Google Play (Google) – Google Play is the official app store for the Android operating system, allowing users to browse and download applications developed with the Android SDK and published through Google. Link to your Android apps on Google Play and let your visitors download and use your apps.

  • Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.

  • Shopify is an online retailers a suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants

  • Printful a platform to create & sell your own custom design products online with print-on-demand dropshipping

  • Odnoklassniki (OK Одноклассники) is a social network service for classmates and old friends. It is especially used in Russia and former Soviet Republics

  • Gumroad is an online platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers.

  • App Store (Apple) – the App store allows users to browse and download apps developed with Apple’s iOS SDK. Link to your apps and let your visitors download your apps from the App Store.

  • Custom icons – you can add up to 3 customs icons on the Pro version and link to any website you want. For example: Vimeo, VK, Viber, Skype, SMS, contact page etc.

✉️ Add a Floating Contact Form to your WordPress website

With My Sticky Elements, you can create a floating contact form for your visitors. In the Pro version, you can customize this form by adding various types of input fields, such as dropdown, file upload, phone number, etc. You can also get an email whenever a visitor submits the contact form.

No matter what kind of input you take websites, files, IPs, etc, use our lightweight, seamless contact form that does not occupy space on your website by just floating on the side.

💬 Social, chat buttonsm custom links, and shortcode support

Do you wish to create two WhatsApp channels? Select from 50+ chat and social buttons? Now you can! With the customer channel feature, you can now use almost any platform with my sticky menu elements. Simply set up the custom link while creating the widget and redirect the users to the platform of your choice. With a highly customizable interface, make this custom channel appear the way you want.

🎯 Smart Targeting Options

Choose to show or not show the widget on specific using various rules combinations. Use page targeting and set custom behavior of the widget on different pages. You can also choose to show the widget only to visitors who come from specific traffic sources, including direct traffic, social networks, search engines, Google ads, or any other traffic source.
A powerful feature that helps you personalize your website’s experience for different types of visitors.

🛡️ Spam Protection using Google reCAPTCHA

With our Pro version use our built-in integration with reCAPTCHA, you can easily protect your contact form from spam and bots. The reCAPTCHA integration in My Sticky Elements is a simple and effective way to protect your contact form and keep your inbox clean.

🔒 My Sticky Elements is GDPR complaint

We don’t store any data about your visitors who click on any of the social channels. Once your visitors click on any of the social channels buttons, they will be redirected to relevant platform or app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp app, Instagram page etc.
On My Sticky Elements’ settings panel you can see a “Contact Leads” tab that will contain the leads you got via the contact form tab. You can always delete them easily if you get a GDPR request from any of them.

🤗 Testimonials

“Great plugin & excellent email support! Happy customer!
I recently purchased the pro versions of the sticky menu & sticky element plug-ins for my new website. I wanted to give visitors permanent visibility of the email-us contact form and the call-us button to maximise the opportunity for them to act instantly when prompted by features in my web content.
Both were easily configured and live on the website in no time. They can also be configured so that they are not overly obtrusive. I am 100% pleased with my purchase and the customer support was instant i.e. no waiting for a reply to my emails. Well done Premio!”

Alan Colin, Garden Sanctuaries

“Great Plugin and amazing Customer Service
I have used both Premio’s myStickyElements and Chaty plugin on a couple of my clients websites with great success. To elaborate, the ability to customize features and track events has made me recommend the plugin to my fellow friends and collegues. However, what really makes Premios services unique is the care for its customers. Without hesitation they quickly helped with my technical requests and difficulties. I give my highest recommendation to Gal and his team at Premio!”

Axel Looström, Pionedge AB

“Awesome plugin!
The plugin works perfectly. It looks so great, lot of options and cool design. Premio team is very kind, supportive and progressive. I can only recommend this awesome plugin.”

Ondre Jvosecky, Global Duck


  • See My Sticky Elements in action on mobile
  • Floating contact form and social buttons live on site
  • Contact form and icons templates and entry effects
  • Manage all your data in the My Sticky Elements dashboard
  • Contact form settings
  • Chat and social networks buttons
  • Configure your chat and social icons
  • Design and set your triggers and targeting rules
  • Change the color of your icons, contact form, text, and anything else!


  1. Install and activate My Sticky Elements plugin on your WordPress website
  2. Customize your contact form and choose your social tabs and click on “Save changes”
  3. You’re all set! Your contact form and social tabs menu will now appear on your site

सामान्य प्रश्न

What’s included in the free plan of My Sticky Elements?

You can show a customized contact form and also up to two social channels (unlimited in the pro plan), display the floating tabs on desktop and mobile, choose LTR or RTL, change the background colors and call-to-action for each icon and more.

Is there a time limit for the free plan?

No. you can use the free plan as long as you want.

Can I show only a contact form/social buttons?

Yes! You can customize your contact form tab and choose to show only the contact tab without any social icon, or vice versa – show only social icons without the contact form.

I don’t see the widget on my site, what should I do?

Please make sure the toggles of the contact form and/or social channels are turned ON and click on “SAVE CHANGES” button.

How do I activate my pro plan?

Just follow our pro installation guide.

Is there a live demo for My Sticky Elements

A live demo for My Sticky Elements plugin is available at Premio’s demo site.


फ़रवरी 8, 2024
The plugin is easy to integrate and works without any problems. The support is very fast and provides qualified help. Keep up the good work.
दिसम्बर 19, 2023
Plugin is amazing. Easily integrates common platforms like WhatsApp, Meta messengers and etc. Ran into some issues and the support quickly help me resolve it. Thumbs up to the team!
नवम्बर 16, 2023
So I was looking for a new Call to Action plugin to implement in our website. There were a lot but it really didn't fulfill our website's needs. It took me a long time to stumble upon one of their plugins. It somehow fulfills our need but my concern was if we can edit how it looks. I was surprised to see a very accommodating chat support in Facebook, it only took minutes for them to respond. I asked if that certain plugin can fulfill what our website needed, to my surprise, their support suggested another plugin they have which is this, my sticky elements. It perfectly fulfilled what we needed and when I was having problems, they were fast enough to help resolve it. I definitely recommend this plugin and you might as well check out their other plugins! Thank you Premio!
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यह खुला स्रोत सॉफ्टवेयर है। अनुगामी लोगो ने इस प्लगइन के लिए योगदान दिया है।


“All-in-one Floating Contact Form, Call, Chat, and 50+ Social Icon Tabs – My Sticky Elements” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

बदलाव विवरण


Layout bugs fixed


Added the option to target specific WordPress pages, posts, categories, and tags to the Pro version
The file upload option supports ZIP and RAR files
Renamed Twitter to X
Contact form bug fixed
Other bugs fixed


Safety bug fixed


PHP compatibility
Phone number validation is now available for the contact form
Form preview is now available
Added “defer” in script tag to boost performance
Smaller screens contact form scroll improvement
Added label for each input field (ADA)
Other bugs fixed


Google PageSpeed improvement and custom channels bug fixed


WhatsApp web support for desktop (or you can just use a regular WhatsApp app link)
Merge tags for WhatsApp (Pro feature)
UI improvements


Widget analytics – discover the most frequently used chat and social channels (Pro feature)
Fixed the auto close on hover bug
Fixed the country code bug
Added a trailing slash to the chat and social channels (to improve SEO)
Custom icon bug fixed


Fixed contact form bugs


Flow changes


Minor bug fixed


We’ve added the option to add a phone country picker and the option to load Google Fonts locally from your website (instead of the Google servers). We’ve also fixed some bugs 🙂


Activation hook minor bug fixed


Bugs fixed


Many performance and UI improvements were added in this release. We’ve also added some new features like the option to change placeholder color and more 🙂


Telegram bug fixed


Bugs fixed


Full revamp of the My Sticky Elements UI 🥳
Now it’s much easier and fun to create My Sticky Elements widgets


Bugs fixed: Viber and JavaScript launching function issues


Plans page typo fixed


Bugs fixed


Fixed the flyout flow and some other bugs


Fixed mobile buttons bug (top and bottom position)


New buttons shape: Sharp, added an option to change the background color, and fixed some bugs


More bugs fixed 🙂


Bugs fixed


MCB Icon Picker bug fixed


New channels (Poptin, Fiverr, Shopify, Printful, Odnoklassniki (Одноклассники OK), Gumroad), more custom channels and HTML/IFrame channels, Javascript function to launch My Sticky Elements channels, option to auto-launch the form on page load, option to make your custom channels act as an existing channel, and some bug fixes


Remove function dependency


WP 5.5


Contact form submission bug fixed


Infrastructure improvements


You can now stretch custom images end to end, set widget position separately for desktop and mobile, iPhone frontend fix and other frontend fixes


Option to change the headline of the form, Super cache support, UI improvements and frontend bugs fixed


Credit removal


Preview fix for some of the new channels


New channels: Yelp, Amazon, Reddit, RSS, Flickr, eBay, Etsy, Slack, Trip Advisor, Medium, Google Play (Google), and App Store (Apple).


Added two new positions for the widget (bottom left and right), fixed settings view for small screens,


Font Awesome 1 conflict fixed + onboarding popup video


Tooltip hover for all the chat and social icons, search input for all the chat and social icons, fixed some minor frontend bugs in the floating contact form and buttons.


You can now add text under the icons. We’ve also fixed some minor bugs


The social buttons text is now in the same color as the icon


Contact icons preview bug (mobile and desktop preview)


Added an accessible contact form leads


Contact form fields bug fixed


Contact form icon size when label is empty fix


Contact form empty name field bug


WP 5.3 adjustments including checkbox UI issues, and color picker height issue


Z-index bug fix. Also fixed icon size bug for and Facebook Messenger. My Sticky Elements is also now compatible with Google Lighthouse.


Top position for mobile, support for Facebook Messenger pages that don’t have a custom URL, and the contact form button becomes disabled until the contact form is submitted to avoid double submission.


Use Font Awesome icons with the custom widget and shortcode widget. We’ve also fixed a bug and some other minor bugs.


You can now change the the color of the contact icons. You can also see what was the URL from which your contact form was submitted.


We’ve added 7 icon templates, you can make your icons rounded, diamond-shaped, arrowed shaped and more. You can also set an entry effect (fade or slide-in) for your widget. Desktop bottom position is also available for the widget. Change the color of the contact form headline. We’ve also improved our RTL menu support and added Hummingbird cache compatibility.


Added compatibility with many cache plugins like WP-Rocket, W3Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize and more. You can also add a preset message for the WhatsApp icon. We’ve also fixed some mobile bugs.


Added LinkedIn as a new channel


Fixed an Android click to call and click to sms bugs


You can add custom Javascript to the custom icon


Fixed a shortcode bug


You can now embed any shortcode, IFrame, and HTML using the new shortcode/HTML channel. we’ve also unlocked one custom channel for the free version


Control the size of the widget + performance improvement


Upgrade page update


Improved the UI – now the preview is sticky and the navigation is much easier


Fixed SMS channel bug


Brand new view for mobile, show all elements on the bottom of the screen. also added separate configuration for the minimize icon for desktop and mobile, and you can also decide if you want it open by default or not


Added font selection, bulk removal off leads, added date col to the leads table


  • RTL support, easier facebook messenger integration, redirect after form submission to pro version


  • Added 16 new channels: Vimeo, Spotify, Itunes, SoundCloud, VK, Viber, Snapchat, Skype
    Line, SMS, Tumblr, Qzone, QQ, Behance, Dribbble, Quora


  • Added dropdown box to your contact form + change the order of the fields in the contact form


  • Minimize the widget * font awesome bug fix


  • Bug fixes on mobile view


  • Bug fixes


  • On mobile the widgets are now closed on click


  • Brand new UI, new channels, contact form and much more 🙂


  • Fixed: close element on mobile devices (all events)
  • Added: Language support.


  • Fixed: close element on mobile devices (click event only)
  • Added: Shortcode support.


  • First version