Gain more traffic, trust, and sales with McAfee SECURE certification.

The rise in data breaches has caused a climate of fear among online shoppers. Show your site is one of the good guys with the McAfee SECURE certification and put your visitors at ease.

When visitors see the McAfee SECURE trustmark on your site, they’ll know that a global leader in online security ensures their session is secure–leading to increased engagement and conversions.

With McAfee SECURE certification you get premium features that are proven to increase sales including unlimited trustmark views, the engagement trustmark, and search highlighting.

TrustedSite proudly operates the McAfee SECURE service.

Key Benefits:

  • Build trust: Show visitors your site is secure by displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark.
  • Be SECURE: Automatically scan your site for malware, viruses, and other malicious activities.
  • Boost sales: Increase sales and conversions by reminding visitors that your site is part of the SECURE web.
  • Certification modal and page are available in 19 different languages (based on the visitor’s browser language)


  • The McAfee SECURE trustmark lets your website visitors know that you're trustworthy and safe to do business with.
  • The verification modal allows visitors to authenticate a website's security certification and see website reviews, without ever leaving your site.
  • With the engagement trustmark, you can remind visitors they're safe at key moments, like near credit card forms and download links.


  1. Upload mcafeesecure to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. वर्डप्रैस के प्लगइन मेनू के द्वारा इस प्लगइन को सक्रिय करें
  3. Configure account and settings through the ‘McAfee SECURE’ menu in WordPress
  4. [For Pro Users] To add the engagement trustmark to your site, add the following code to your site wherever you’d like to display it: [mcafeesecure]

सामान्य प्रश्न

Do I need a subscription for McAfee SECURE certification?

Displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark requires an active subscription for McAfee SECURE certification, proudly operated by TrustedSite. Don’t have a subscription for McAfee SECURE certification yet? Sign up for McAfee SECURE certification and get started in minutes.

What is the McAfee SECURE trustmark?

The McAfee SECURE trustmark lets website visitors know that a website has been tested and certified to meet our security standards. When a website is certified as secure, it can display the trustmark. When it no longer meets our standards, the trustmark vanishes until the standards are met.

Why isn’t the trustmark showing up on my site?

If the trustmark is not displaying, first make sure that you have a subscription for McAfee SECURE certification.

Additionally, the McAfee SECURE trustmark may be temporarily revoked for any domain that fails to meet our security standards for over 72 hours. The McAfee SECURE trustmark is temporarily replaced with a transparent image. If this occurs, log in to your account and view your violations. As soon as we determine that the domain meets our requirements, the trustmark will reappear.


जून 8, 2020
I installed this plugin, and it soon said that there's an update, a new version 0.0 available. I avoided it at first, but then I updated. Success. And once the WP admin gets refreshed or I navigate elsewhere the same plugin again says that there's an update available. This time no version number anywhere. I updated, and the same thing again and again. Uninstalled! Edit: the developer fixed this problem quickly. Thanks!
अगस्त 22, 2019
Great product for building trust and reassurance with customers. Incredible service too! Our Customer Care Rep made quick work of the support issue we had. Thank you Wells!
अगस्त 10, 2019
We feel the symbol itself psychologically reassures users that all appears "safe" on the site when choosing to "proceed". Whether it be a user newly engaging the site or one rationalizing taking a financial action step, we feel the symbol helps to subdue that valid concern of, "Is this site safe and legit, or not" when one is thinking to make the jump from a user to a customer.
जुलाई 25, 2019
"McAfee Secure" is a good service that is recognized by users as a trusted source so its a great way to build more trust with your customers. Although the plugin is not really needed if you know what you doing because McAfee provides direct code also which is faster than the plugin option. But the plugin is a very good option for the WordPress users that do not have much or less technical knowledge.
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