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Inline Call To Action Builder Lite – is the free responsive call to action layer plugin for WordPress to display call to action layer in a faster, simpler and beautfully designed 5+ pre available layout with minimal settings and configuration options. This plugin helps you to maximize your site views, unique visits and boost the conversions of your business, by creating unlimited call to action layers and display it on your site.

Free Features:

  • 10 different templates
    • Beautifully designed 10 different layout to select from.
      • Simple Text with button (5 Templates)
      • Simple Text/button & Image (5 Templates)
  • Unlimited Call to action
    • Ability to create multiple call to action layer with different customization options.
  • CTA Background Options
    • Feature to set background options with following options:
      • Default
      • Background Color
      • Background Image (With Parallax Effect Enable Option)
  • 5 Content Animation
  • Button Settings
    – Text Settings : Button title, hide on mobile and hide on desktop
    – Link Settings : Internal and External Link
    – 5 Button Animation
  • Duplicate Inline CTA Posts Options
  • Use Shortcode
  • Import/Export Plugin Demo/Own Data
  • User friendly and very interactive user interface
    • Anyone can use it, includes almost no code work at all.
  • Dedicated Support
    – Get free email and forum support.
  • Translation Ready
  • WordPress Compatible
    – Get free email and forum support.
  • Fully Responsive
    • Compatible with different devices.
  • Free updates
    – Get free updates for lifetime.

Premium Features:

★ 40+ different call to action template layouts.
    - 19 Pre Available Simple Text with button,19 Pre Available Text/button & Image, 11 Pre Available Text/button & Video and 1 Advanced Duet Template Layouts
★ Fully responsive and unique templates.
★ Create Unlimited Call To Action Layer
★ Advanced Inbuilt Custom Elements
    - Normal Text, Custom Image, Unlimited Button, WP Editor with many customization options
★ Drag & Drop Call to action Custom Elements
★ Various CTA Background Options
   - Default
   - Background Color
   - Background Image with parallax effect
   - Background Video with parallax effect
        - Youtube
        - Vimeo
        - Uploaded Custom Video
   - Background slider options
★ More dynamic element to show on team member posts list
    - Basic info, General description, Skills, External site links, Quote
★ 10+ Header Title/Content/Image/Video Animation
★ Button Settings
    - Text Settings : Button title, hide on mobile, hide on mobile, display icon/button text type options
    - Link Settings : Internal/External Link/Popup Trigger(Iframe with video /Shortcode)/Scroll Effect
    - Icon Settings : Available Icon (Font Awesome, Dashicons, Icomoon, Genericons,Linecons) or Upload Custom Icon, set custom icon width and height with icon postion as left, right or top of title.
    - Animation Settings : 10+ Button animation and 35+ button hover animation for specifc button separatly.
    - Customization Settings : Set custom Background Color, Background Hover color, font color, font hover color and many more.
    - Google Analytics : Enable Google Analytics and configure required option value.
★ Supports Google Analytics
  - Easily track each button on click as event
  - View Reports from Google Analytics
★ Import/Export Demo System
★ Various Customization Options
  - Background Size, Enable Background Overlay and Color, Outer Margin, Header title, description custom options.
★ Live Backend Call To Action Preview
★ Duplicate Inline CTA Posts Options
★ Use Shortcode
★ Compatible With Visual Composer
★ No Coding Requried
★ More upcoming Upgrade for pro version.

Premium upgrade

For premium upgrade please go here

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For a easy installation guide checkout the Installation tab above.
For complete information and documentation regarding plugin, please visit below links.

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  • All Inline Call To Action Builder Lite Post Lists
  • Display Settings
  • Configuration Header Title Settings
  • Configuration Content Settings
  • Configuration Button Settings
  • Button Custom Styling Settings
  • Background Settings
  • Custom Styling Settings
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Shortcode Usage


  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/inline-cta-builder-lite
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on “Inline Call To Action Builder Lite” in WordPress left admin menu.

सामान्य प्रश्न

What does this plugin do?

This plugin helps you to display call to action layer in your site with beautiful templates and layouts using help of shortcode.

How many call to action layer can one create?

You can create unlimited call to action layer post and display it anywhere using specific generated shortcode.

Where can I find the documentation for the plugin?

Once you install the plugin , you can check some general documentation about how to use the plugin in the “How to Use” panel of the plugin’s settings page. Complete documentation can be found here.

Can I export already created Inline Call to action post data and import to another site?

Yes. You can import and export already created call to action post data from Import/Export plugin setting page.


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बदलाव विवरण


  • Compatibility check with WordPress version 6.0


  • Compatibility check with WordPress version 5.8.
  • Update the jarallex library to 1.12.8.


  • Fixed error shown in debug log.


  • Fixed color picker js issue


  • Compatibility check with latest WordPress Version.
  • Fixed Some CSS related Issues in backend.


  • Compatibility check with latest WordPress Version.


  • Added Documentation and other informational links to the plugin.


  • Button refinement and mobile view CSS issue checked and fixed.


  • Compatibility check with latest WordPress Version.


  • Added some promo content in the backend of the plugin


  • Frontend CSS Refinement.


  • Few CSS Refinement.


  • Plugin submitted to for review and approval.