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Game application form CloudsGoods


Install a playable application form that increases the conversion of submitting the form by 15 times.

At the same time, some mechanics provide a referral program in the game, therefore, your game will quickly become viral, as visitors will share the referral link to the game in order to win in the players’ standings!

This versatile marketing tool collects contacts and attracts new traffic not only on the website, but it can also be placed on social networks, in offline establishments and even in a mobile application.

How it works?
We automatically create a game for your brand (with your logo and products), in this game you set gifts that will drop out to players, such as discounts, promo codes, points or goods. Such drop-down prizes stimulate a person to make the first purchase on your site faster. In order to pick up this prize, the player must leave his contact.

Having a visitor’s contact, the company can send marketing mailings via email, sms or various messengers that will encourage customers to make purchases.

Game mechanics also work well on repeat clients. For example, if you have your own offline establishment (shop, restaurant, etc.), then you can place a game using a QR code to collect visitor contacts and encourage them to make new purchases with gifts.

There are game mechanics with a referral program – this means that your players will share the game with friends and acquaintances in order to win in the standings.

The plugin relying on API, provided by our service All features implemented in this plugin are available at the site under the same login/password pair.

Please read Privacy Policy, Company information and terms of use for further information.

Where can I host the game?
* On marketplaces
* On the site
* In social networks
* In mobile application
* In establishments
* In advertising

One tool that attracts traffic from all channels!


Add the plugin. Go to and register.

Next, log in with the same username and password in the WordPress plugin.

सामान्य प्रश्न

What is the application form for?

The game application form increases the number of leads, because it attracts the visitor’s attention by 70% more due to its interactivity.

In addition, game mechanics encourage people to send a contact more often because the game drops prizes (discounts, promo codes), which can be obtained by leaving a contact.

How do I log in and access the plugin?

Go to and register.

Then log in with the same username and password in the plugin on WordPress.

How do I set up a plugin in Elementor?

Go to the item settings and search for our widget “CloudsGoods Widget”


Drag the widget to the place on the site where you want it to appear.

Next, customize the widget so that it contains a bright image and a call to action. Write the text “What gift will you get? Play a mini-game and get a gift from our brand!”

An example of a well-configured widget:


This widget catches the eye and attracts attention.

Edit the display of your widget for different devices (PC. mobile version and tablet). Add a bright picture, text and a button.

Choose the display of the game that will open when you click the button.


How do I configure the plugin in WP bakery?

There will be a manual here soon

How to make a game application form on the site?

In order to use the game widget with the application form, first create a game mechanics in the “Game Setup” section.

If you have a game created, then go to the “Instructions” section, where we answered the questions on how to place the plugin in WP Bakery and Elementor.

How do I start setting up the game?

The game is set up in a few minutes. Go to “Game Setup” on the left side menu of the plugin.


The whole setup is done in a few steps:
* Choice of mechanics of the game
* Choice of game template
* Template styling
* Preview and launch

I created a game, how do I install the game in the widget?

For detailed instructions on installing the game, see the “Instructions” section.

Where else can I post this game?

  • Marketplaces
  • On a website
  • In stores, restaurants, or on product packaging
  • Social networks
  • On mobile app
  • In commercials

For each game we generate a QR code, a short link, an API for integration into a mobile application as well as a widget for the website.

Examples of how to use our games offline with a QR code:


Where are the collected contacts stored?

All collected contacts from the request form are stored in the “Contacts” section.

The section displays collected visitor data (phone numbers, email, name, and the date the contact was sent). This section also provides search and sorting of contacts by date.

You can unload contacts and add them to the CRM system.


The premium version provides notifications when a visitor sends a contact.

How do I give the prize to the winner?

You can give out a prize in two ways:
1. In the CloudGoods plugin in WordPress
2. On the service

To give away a prize in the CloudGoods plugin:
1. Go to the “Give Out Prizes” section on the side menu


  1. You will see a table with the following data:

* Contact of the user who won the prize
* Prize name and amount or percentage
* Coupon number
* How many days is the prize valid

  1. If a winner has contacted you and provided a coupon, you can search for their gift to see the name of the prize and the amount, and if the prize has been given out previously:


If the prize has not been given to the player before and its validity period has not expired, then the prize will have a bright “Give Out” button:


Clicking on the giveaway button will open a pop-up to confirm the prize giveaway:


Once you’ve confirmed the prize, the status will change to given out.

Don’t forget to email winners who didn’t receive a prize that they have a gift to spend in your store. To do this, apply sorting to “unissued prizes” and copy the contacts to the mailing service.

How to give away a prize at
1. Log in to with the same username and password you use in the WordPress plugin
2. Go to the “Prize Giveaway” section in the top footer
3. A table will open up in front of you with the following data:
* Contact of the user who won the prize
* Prize name and amount or percentage
* Coupon number
* How many days is the prize valid?


  1. If a winner has contacted you and provided a coupon, you can search for their gift to see the name of the prize and amount, as well as whether the prize has been given out previously
  2. If the prize hasn’t been given out before, and it’s not expired, there will be a bright “Give Out” button next to the prize:
  3. Clicking on the “Give away” button will open a pop-up to confirm the prize:
  4. After you confirm the prize issuance, the status will change to Issue.

Don’t forget to send a mailing to winners who didn’t receive a prize, telling them that they have a gift to spend in your store. To do this, apply sorting to “not given out” and copy the contacts into the newsletter service.

Who is this widget for?

Game application forms are suitable for all fields of activity. It’s also suitable for the B2C segment and works well in B2B

Why do I need to provide information about the company?

We automatically generate documents for every game we create. In order for the document to be correctly generated, the following information about the company is required: ID, company name, company address. If you are self-employed, then select “personal use”. If you have an individual entrepreneur, LLC, then select “for business”.

How many contacts are available in free mode?

You can use our service for free. You have 5 email contacts per day available. That is, your application form will collect only email and only 5pcs/day.

Phone numbers are not available in free mode.

How do I buy contact packages?

Go to “Prices” and select the package that suits you best. Then you’ll get to, where you’ll need to log in to buy a package


I bought a package of contacts. Where can I see my balances?

The “Prices” section shows your package balances



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