Foodle Add-On for Democracy Poll


Provides a seamless and flexible, interactive display option for online polls with Democracy Poll with a lot of parameters to be controlled for various display possibilities.
To be used as a shortcode alongside the poll for an interactive results display or separately just for result display purposes.
It provides and will further provide enhancements for Democracy Poll, like e.g. mixed polls (checkboxes plus radiobuttons in one poll). User fields (poll categories) can be defined and maintained in the users’ profiles to provide enhanced result statistics (e.g. showing a choir’s voices representation on proposed concert or rehearsal dates being polled in order to judge the ability to sing) – this was the author’s initial motivation.
Fields can as well be automatized in input based on regular expressions applied on the main user’s field (poll category).
Email reminders to users that didn’t vote, yet. Flexible sorting options and much more. Give it a try!

Inspired by and enhancing: Tkama’s Democracy Poll plugin.

Some General Considerations and more details:

The basic idea for this plugin was developed when the need for polls arrived for the choir I have the pleasure to be part of: Voices Unlimited.
This plugin can be used by any organization, association, union, society, club or group of people when polls shall be executed and results be displayed in a structured way, e.g.:
– For this or that choir rehearsal or planned public event to be scheduled, would sufficient Sopranos 1 or Tenors 2 be available?
– Or do the choir members support this or that idea and from which sub-group do they come from?
– Or what could be winning ideas for the next concert stage dress (Democracy Poll with answers to be brought by the voters and be displayed for everyone easy to understand) and would this spread nicely in color on stage, considering the choir’s stage order?
You will surely translate all this into your own environment and your own needs…

Main feature is the Foodle shortcode, which allows to display poll results in a configurable table format. Alongside the Democracy Poll shortcode, it will display the results interactively by use of AJAX communication.
However, it can as well be used independently to just display poll results.
Together with the WordPress comments function in pages or posts, this can be considered a good tool for online interaction with your (registered) users.

The list of Foodle features comprises:
– The interactive poll results table (shortcode)
– Several Democracy Poll shortcodes on one page/post (like before)
– Full shortcode flexibility: Several Foodle shortcodes – even for the same Democracy Poll id with differing parameters – on one page/post
– Email reminders for users who are late to vote
– An unlimited number of user meta fields to be defined and used (user profile)
– Manual drag-n-drop fields sorting
– Careful (!) selection and use of existing user meta fields
– Manual entry or drop-down entry in the user profile
– Automated filling of user meta fields by use of Regular Expressions
– Easy overview and control over past user entries (normalization)
– Flexible sorting definitions
– Definition of role & user plugin-internal capabilities
– Dashboard widget (plus a shortcode) to provide statistics and check for logical database errors (democracy_q, democracy_a and democracy_log)
– A shortcode to link to the Foodle page/post
– A shortcode to display content based on roles
– A free name/title definition for Foodle, e.g. for the user profile and the email
– Changeable highlighting of Foodle & Democracy Poll in the admin menu and admin toolbar
– You can define a list of page/post IDs where the AJAX interactivitiy is being switched off
– Switchable interactive explanations for all functions (‘Help-Tooltips’)
– Warning-Tooltips can be disabled
– Help-Tooltips and Warning-Tooltips are available anywhere for the administrator (front-end and back-end)

In addition to that, functionality is added to Democracy Poll:
– In multiple answers polls, you can combine checkboxes and radio buttons
– In each poll edit page, you may select from the available categories (user meta fields) for display
– In each poll edit page, you may define the (main) category to be used for the category column
– In each poll edit page, you may define the related text of its sorting button
– In the graphical poll results, a text will indicate the voter’s choice(s)
– You can choose to avoid the vote expiry on polls lasting longer than 12 months

You will probably – at least in the beginning – want to switch-on the ‘Help-Tooltips’ (Foodle Settings) to see explanations for every function throughout the admin page tabs.
And don’t hesitate to propose additional valuable features you might still be missing – for me to review openly.


  • Sample front-end poll
  • Admin tab: Meta fields
  • Admin tab: Normaization and sorting
  • Admin tab: Roles & User internal capabilities
  • Admin tab: Edit email
  • Admin tab: Foodle settings
  • Tips tab with detailed explanations
  • Enhanced Democracy Poll edit screen
  • User profile extract

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When will Q&As be available?

As soon as questions will have been raised…


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बदलाव विवरण

  • Compatibility improvement #3 for PHP 8.0.
  • Better cross-browser design compatibility (e.g. IE, Safari, Firefox).

  • A few format adaptations and code improvements.

  • Table width behaviour and table column width behaviour – while moving a row – was ‘beautified’.

  • Compatibility improvement #2 for PHP 8.0.
  • Corrected behaviour during new user registration.
  • Improved recognition of invalid user meta fields in the user profile

  • Improved behaviour in Foodle check (dashboard widget & shortcode) to handle polls without responses so far.

  • Compatibility improvement #1 for PHP 8.0.

  • Ensure that jquery-ui-sortable is active and don’t rely that other acctive plugins did this job already.

  • Avoid undefinded message for ‘is_plugin_active()’ under certain conditions (controlling dependency between Foodle and Democracy Poll).

  • Foodle’s back-end tooltips (Help & Warning) are now available in the front-end (and the back-end) for anywhere-use by the administrator.
  • Foodle’s individual back-end CSS and back-end javascript/jQuery are now limited to the Foodle admin pages to avoid unnecessary loading elsewhere.
  • A few format adaptations in the back-end.

  • Back-End manual row moving (for sorting) now works on touchscreens as well (Touch Punch).
  • Inadvertent scroll-up upon row moving is being prevented – even for newly added (and not yet saved) rows.
  • Row swapping is initiated as soon as the pointer hovers above another row.
  • Minor mouse pointer corections.

  • In the Meta Field definition table, rows can now be dragged manually to generate a new sorting order.
  • In the same manner, the Foodle user capabilities table can be sorted manually as well.
  • A few jQuery use improvements.

  • Further improved timing of initialization events (user_meta, shortcodes, and so on).
  • Reduced javascript output size by combining some elements.
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of output.

  • Logic improvements to avoid unnecessary function calls.
  • A few page format enhancements, e.g. with solo=”true”, ‘foodle_table_top_spacing’ is no longer used in order to improve administrator layout control.

  • New shortcode to display content depending on roles. Can e.g. be used to display the Democracy Poll archive or certain polls for selected roles only. Can as well be used for anything in your site.

  • AJAX improved to avoid potential conflicts with other plugins.

  • Some explaining strings still needed to be updated following the big move in

  • Full shortcode flexibility added (thus improving vs., including several Foodle shortcodes with individual parameters for one Democracy Poll on the same page/post.
  • Individual Foodle AJAX parameters on the front-end are now stored in user-meta in order to avoid any potential conflicting scenarios.
  • Added CSS classes ‘foodle_democracy_top_spacing’ and ‘foodle-table-headline’.
  • Format improvements in the email reminder area and the Foodle table area.
  • The shortcode parameter ‘solo=”true”‘ will not only switch off the email reminder area and the headline above the Foodle table but the date column as well, if hidden (this column is hidden and only visible for selected users, when ‘show_date=”false”‘).
  • Minor code and stability improvements.

  • Small AJAX bug corrected (introduced with

  • Several Democracy Poll shortcodes and several related Foodle shortcodes on the same page/post are possible now. However, several Foodle shortcodes for the same poll id will further not be allowed for the sake of the dynamic AJAX interaction. But – if really needed – you may choose to switch AJAX off on such pages/posts (see the Foodle Settings).
  • A number of further CSS classes added (see the tipps tab) for more administrator design control.

  • Format error in email-reminder-area corrected.
  • Foodle table (column-width) optimized for columns with no responses so far.
  • Potential division-by-zero error removed.
  • Added class ‘foodle-button’.
  • Minor improvements.

  • A few visibility improvements.

  • Minor adjustments and stability enhancements.

  • A few strings precised and German translations adapted.
  • Position of donation button moved to help tabs.
  • Foodle admin footer beautified.

  • Enhanced check of regular expressions incl. error display upon form submit.
  • Strings further optimized and German translation completed.

  • Missing translation strings completed.

  • Optimized input validation including Regular Expressions.
  • Optimized a few strings.

  • Page format error corrected. Was introduced with unintentionally.

  • Previous reminders are shown as well for closed polls or polls, where reminders are switched off.
  • Display optimization for answers marked radio (‘••’) when in radio polls anyway.

  • Bug in statistics for email reminders corrected.

  • Added tips tab content: How to handle own CSS styles for the Democracy Poll and Foodle front-end.
  • Email placeholder added: {user-login}.

  • Activation conditions checks upon plugin activation and during operation were optimized.
  • Minor enhancements in the tips tab.

  • Minor tips table and CSS adjustments.

  • Tested ok with WordPress 5.7.1.

  • Added Democracy Poll enhancement to allow mixed polls (checkboxes and radiobuttons in one poll).
  • Added Regular Expressions to control user profile fields.
  • Added full control of categories per poll from within the democracy poll edit screen.
  • Added further Foodle parameter settings.

  • First stable version with all initial features.