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EPOW – WooCommerce Custom Product Options is a nice plugin that makes adding custom options to your product way simpler. With an easy-to-use custom form builder, now you can add custom options for your product quickly.

You can easily personalize the WooCommerce product ordering page (with custom product options or custom fields) and this extra form data submitted by customers will be shown in website backend and also will be enclosed along with the order details.

EPOW – WooCommerce Custom Product Options would be an essential solution for your site:

Nearly all WooCommerce shop owner offer options for their products, it’s way easier to manage and more flexible compared to default variable products. These 2 terms might be confusing, but custom options can be applied to both variable and single products, and it’s more about selling customizable products, which can’t be done with variable product alone. It allows you to modify your items in many ways according to the customer’s requirements.

There’re several reasons why you should have a WooCommerce custom product options plugin on your site, and why EPOW would be a nice choice for you, I’ll summarize them as followings:

  • Much easier to create and manage compared to variable products:

    Not restricted to displaying custom options as dropdown, instead, you can present them as checkboxes, radio buttons,
    clickable images, text/number input fields…;

    No need to configure the form like the variation in each products, forms can be added to product groups instead of having to do so with each individual one…

    Customizable products can be both simple & variable products

  • Save your server resources: The less data you create, the less resources you consume

    Speed up the website speed; Reducing overall load time – The more server resources you save, the faster your website loads

    EPOW has advanced functions: Like price types for custom options; Show/Hide custom options using rules;…

    EPOW is actively developed and supported
    In general, EPOW – WooCommerce Custom Product Options enhances your website performance, easy to use, user-friendly and will promisingly give your customers a nice experience.

With EPOW – WooCommerce Custom Product Options, you can:

  • Add global custom product options form

    Create unlimited creation of global forms

    Set the priority for each form

    Manage rules for products: Include/Exclude products; Include/Exclude categories

    Configure 9 fields to showcase a wider variety of products and options that work for almost any type of WooCommerce store:

    Section; Heading; Divider; Text; Number; TextArea; Select; Checkbox; Radio

    Be provided with full configuring and customizing settings for each element/field

    Show/Hide the elements with And/Or relation and specific rules configured according to necessity

  • Add custom form for individual product

    Add custom form directly that only applies to a specific product

    Modify 9 fields just like Global Forms with settings to configure and customize each field/section

    Show/Hide the elements with And/Or relation and specific rules configured according to necessity

Feature of EPOW – WooCommerce Custom Product Options:

WooCommerce Custom Product Options comes with a custom form builder where you can add elements/sections; drag and drop to change their position and easily configure them

9 fields provided by WooCommerce Custom Product Options:

Section: A container of all elements below it, the boundaries of a container start itself and end when it meets another Section.

Heading: Add content using HTML heading/paragraph tags to the product page – H1; H2; H3; H4; H5; H6, p

Divider: A line between 2 elements/sections

Text: A normal text input field. You can only enter one line of text with this element

Number: A number input field to accept numbers, with min/max value to set limit to the entered number

TextArea: A text input field but you can enter text content in multiple lines

Select: A drop-down to choose from the available list

Checkbox: For selecting more than one option

Radio: For selecting one option from multiple choices

General configuration and customizing options for WooCommerce custom product options:

  • General configuration

    Make a field required

    Set price type/price value for each field. With this, you can make a custom option free or paid

    Set label/placeholder for each field if there’s any

    Direction – Horizontal or Vertical – for Checkbox and Radio fields

    Min/Max value for Number field

    Limitless options for Select, Radio and Checkbox fields

  • Customizing options

    Set field width

    Padding/Margin: all 4 sides – bottom, top, right, left

    Control the line height

    Select the text and the background color

    Customize the label and the border of the field with: Label position, Label/Border color; Label font size; Label font weight;

    Border width (all 4 border lines); Border style; and Border radius

    Field for Custom CSS if the options are not enough for you

And the Advanced rule for the Global form
– Make the form show/hide with specific relation – And or Or
– Add and configure the rule(s) for the “Show/Hide” function above


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Getting Started

Plugin Links

Project Page
Report Bugs/Issues


  • Edit custom options form
  • Edit a field
  • Run in single product page
  • Show selected options in cart


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload epow-custom-product-options-for-woocommerce to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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बदलाव विवरण

/**1.0.6 – 2024.07.11 **/
– Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce Product Builder – Custom PC Builder – Product Configurator by Villatheme
– Updated: Compatible with Wc 9.0.2 and WP 6.6
– Updated: Updated support file

/**1.0.5 – 2024.04.13 **/
– Updated: Compatible with Wc 8.7.0 and WP 6.5.2
– Updated: Updated support file

/**1.0.4 – 2024.03.15 **/
– Updated: Compatible with Wc 8.6.0 and WP 6.4.3
– Updated: Updated option max length for text field and textarea field
– Updated: Updated option description for field
– Fixed: Field custom class name doesn’t display

/**1.0.3 – 2023.07.03 **/
– Updated: Compatible with WooCommerce HPOS(COT)

/**1.0.2 – 2023.02.03 **/
-Fix: Decimal of number input

/**1.0.1 – 2022.11.12 **/
– Update: Description
– Update: Change priority from DESC to ASC

/**1.0.0 – 2022.11.01 **/
~ The first released.