Cart tracking for WooCommerce


This plugin gives you a better insight into what people are adding or removing to/from their cart.
You can see all recorded carts in a table, as well as which products were added or removed most often.
Comparing cart data with your sales data can be helpful in understanding what your customers want.

Seeing actively removed products can also help you increase your sales by giving you the possibility to offer discounts for these products as an example.
Knowing what’s happening on the customers side can be valuable in making data-informed decisions to boost your sales.

This plugin records customers carts as long as it’s activated.

Pro Features Available

  • Most added and removed products lists twice longer
  • User cart detailed history, with every event recorded
  • User cart and order data (most added/purchased product, total carts, total orders, total orders completed, on hold, cancelled….)


सामान्य प्रश्न

Where do I get support?

You can reach me by email at :, or you can start a support request on are currently no FAQs at this time.


फ़रवरी 15, 2022
UPDATE: Version 1.0.8. gives a “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” message when the Cart Tracking Menu item is clicked. Furthermore, the plugin cannot be rolled back to the last “working” version (1.0.7.), as it does not appear to be tagged on SVN. It appears that cart events are still being recorded in the DB and that the table has not been dropped (so old cart events still appear to be available). Although this last sentence makes me more hopeful that this was not an intentional action by the author, I would not recommend downloading or installing the plugin at all at this point in time. It does not appear to serve any purpose, while still bulking up your site with Freemiums code. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Reporting this violation to the plugins team and leaving this review for public accountability. Not only does the plugin not ask permission to phone home (via Freemiums) on installation. It also makes an external API call even after permission is EXPRESSLY DENIED. Including Freemiums for such limited functionality is ridiculous anyway (and takes up an unnecessary chunk of your Inode and storage limits on your hosting account), but I would not have left a one star review for that alone.
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बदलाव विवरण


  • First version of the plugin.


  • Added ip address for guests


  • Added a search box
  • Fixed cart customer id when cart created by logged-out user


  • Fixed bug when creating orders from backend