Bulk Convert Post Format


Bulk convert posts in a category to a selected post format. Select from a dropdown of categories and a dropdown of defined post formats.


  • Choose your category, post format, and submit
  • Location in the Tools menu


  1. Upload the bulk-convert-post-format folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure and run the tool under Tools > Bulk Edit Post Format

सामान्य प्रश्न

Can I convert custom post types or custom taxonomies?

Our plugin currently supports only standard post types and the standard category taxonomy.

Can I convert only some posts and not an entire category?

Not at this time. An easy workaround would be to create a temporary category to select the specific posts you want to convert. After the conversion, you can delete the temporary category.


मार्च 4, 2024 2 जवाब
It works! Although: – Not for my custom post types created with ACF – I had to adjust “Posts to process per page reload” and click “Convert” a few items to get all my 350 posts converted – The result message doesn’t seem reliable (showing “127 posts converted” repeatedly when converting a category and its parent category) – A calculation of the conversions to be made before clicking “Convert” would be very nice
अक्टूबर 25, 2023 1 जवाब
Warning: Undefined array key “category” in /wp-content/plugins/bulk-convert-post-format/bulk-convert-post-format.php on line 32Warning: Undefined array key “post_format” in /wp-content/plugins/bulk-convert-post-format/bulk-convert-post-format.php on line 33Warning: Undefined array key “start_from” in /wp-content/plugins/bulk-convert-post-format/bulk-convert-post-format.php on line 34Warning: Undefined array key “posts_per_page” in /wp-content/plugins/bulk-convert-post-format/bulk-convert-post-format.php on line 35
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बदलाव विवरण


  • Enhanced category dropdown to display terms hierarchically along with their post count.
  • Improved post query to exclude posts in child categories, ensuring accurate conversions.
  • Refined text in progress and completion pages for better clarity and user experience.
  • WP Core compatibility update


  • Fixed undefined array keys
  • WP Core compatibility update


  • WP Core compatibility update


  • WP Core compatibility update


  • UI improvements
  • WP Core compatibility update


  • WP Core compatibility update


  • Properly enqueued javascript


  • Initial plugin creation